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  1. In my opinion, speed control is #1 for making putts. I signed up for Decade golf a while ago and this video has stuck with me to this day. Link to Scott's video:
  2. Nice! That's what my dad uses it for. There's a lot of last-minute meetings he has with his boss and there isn't enough time to get an interpreter. It's always better to have an interpreter but this app helps when there isn't possible to have an interpreter there.
  3. Hi All - I recently made an iPhone app for my dad (who is deaf) to help him communicate with hearing people. Did you know that lipreading is only ~30% accurate? My dad is a 5 handicap golfer and I noticed that often times he'll get paired up with other golfers in tournaments or weekend play, and after the other golfers find out he's deaf they'll simplify their speech or avoid talking to him because they don't know what to say. The app converts voice-to-text in real time and all you would have to do is talk into the phone or plug in an Apple earbud and talk into the microphone (which tends to reduce the background noice and get a more accurate transcription). My dad has tested the app in numerous situations, including on the golf course, and so far the response has been great. The new people he meets are able to speak normally and he can follow along with the conversation by reading the iPhone instead of acting like he understands what his going or being said. Have any of you played golf with someone who is deaf or hard-of-hearing and would App MyEar have helped your interaction? Curious to know what you think! Link to a recent interview we did for Rochester news: http://www.rochester...n-duo/861743558 And a link to our Facebook page with more information and video of the app in action: https://www.facebook.com/appmyear/
  4. Anyone try out DECADE Golf? Scott Fawcett uses a statistical approach to help golfers improve my game. Thinking about trying it out but wondering if other members have tried it already. https://www.birdiefire.com/about-decade
  5. I'm in the market to buy new clubs for the 2017 season. I'm curious how other members buy their clubs. What route to you take to buy clubs? - eBay - Buy-sell-trade in forums - Craigslist - Big Box Stores (GolfGalaxy,GolfWrx,etc) - Get clubs for free/sponsored - Local Pro shop - Through Golf Pro - Direct from vendor - Other
  6. Agree. I do think it depends on the player's skill level and how long they've been ingraining that move or set up position.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! Will need to chart my misses and have some data to talk to coaches about. At least that way I'll avoid getting into discussions about where the club should be.
  8. Definitely - i'm looking for the best shaft combination too. I called a couple of places in the Bay Area and it seems like unanimously the go-to place is Joe Kwok. But he charges $160/hour and he needs at least 3 hours for a full fitting. Kind of pricey. probably hold off until a trip to Las Vegas in March and check out Aloha Golf
  9. Haha, awesome. Enjoyed reading the comments and insights!
  10. I second the thoughts of others here. It's easiest and arguably better just to change your equipment rather than tinker with your swing. You can go to a heavier shaft or just go to a lower-spinning tour ball. Maybe get set up with a reputable fitter and see what setups give you the best numbers?
  11. Chiming in with my two cents. I battle this too. I tried changing my swing, but it just wasn't worth it in the end. I found it easier just to use technology to my advantage. I'm playing a 12* driver and keeping the spin low by going to a 430cc head and a low spinning shaft. There are workarounds to it - you just have to be creative!
  12. Hoping to set up a weekend match to play 18-holes with other members
  13. Deal Caddie is running a promo for - buy $10, get $20 to be used on GolfNow hot deals. Get it while it lasts!! Btw, I read the fine print and coupons can't be stacked. http://dealcaddy.golfnow.com/m/?activeWhiteLabelMerchantAccessByDomain=true&activeWhiteLabelMerchantId=782&isMobileSiteView=false&localeSiteId=1031
  14. That seems to be my impression too. The end result may be an exotic shaft paired with a 2017 head. It may be the optimal product, but I would much rather save $400+ by not going with PXG paired with a basileus shaft. Something I can get OEM would be perfect or even a 2016 comparable product. I called club champion and they seem to fit players 5 handicap - 24 handicap. Aloha golf has players from the PGA Tour and mini tours stop by to get their gear checked. Seems cool.
  15. Anyone been to either? Looks like Club Champion is running a 50% off promo and Aloha Golf is popular (especially with tour players). How do either compare to your free demo day club fittings (where you can't get a thorough test of your own irons). It looks like both are fairly expensive too.
  16. Has anyone played in these tournaments before? Looks like they have full tounament schedules and elite fields. It does look slightly more expensive than usual tournaments.
  17. Nice, this is what I've done too. What are you working on to get your game to +4/5? That's something I'm trying to figure out.
  18. +1 for heel up. It helps you leverage the ground to build clubhead speed. A young guy who does this extremely well is Jamie Sadlowski. For a more classic example, Tom Watson gets it out there too with this move.
  19. I went through ACL + MCL surgery 5 years ago and the PT suggested stretching only after warming up. So to your question, as someone who is always trying to keep his knee in good shape, I always aim to ride a stationary bike for 10 minutes or go for a quick jog before heading to the course.
  20. RLX has nice ones. They were running a 40% off sale a few days ago. Not sure if they still are.
  21. Custom ink, pima apparel, or teespring are all clothing wholesalers. You might be able to find a good deal on their sites. Worth checking out, in my opinion. Shirts or hats are always good SWAG gifts.
  22. #1: Wedges #2: Driver Most of the time it's just upgrading to a newer version
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