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  1. Alex Monterey, Ca right hand Taylormade Ghost Monte Carlo Recently put in a putting green in my backyard so I can practice putting drills and thoroughly test different putters to actually determine which putter works best for me. Would love to include the TA Impact #3 as part of my evaluation
  2. Alex California taylormade Ghost & Odyssey Blade 100+ rounds a year and built a backyard 4 hole 600sq ft putting green to make putting a strength !
  3. Vi mused used my free golf pass coupon to book a round for tomorrow. In fact I combined it with some other rewards points and only paid $15 for $100+ course. So no complaints so far. Does anyone know if the free monthly round replaces the $10 reward codes accumulated normally or is it in addition to the regular rewards points? I play over 100 rounds a year so if I get the $20 golf pass in addition to the $10 reward code/coupons accumulated throughout the month then it's a KILLER deal. If not it's about the same. I play most of my rounds during the week so I don't mind the Monday - Thursday restriction.
  4. Alex - (Monterey) California 14 handicap - 97 SS 120 Rnds per year Taylormade M1 Epic Flash
  5. Pro-Am's are a lottery draw so you don't know who you'll get paired up with. Doing the caddie thing was a way to guarantee hanging out with Tiger for 4.5 hours. I'm with the majority. I would rather pay the $10k to play and take my chances with who I get.
  6. You can't always improve your game but you can always improve the way you look playing the game! 

  7. Alex - California M1 - Driver & 3 wood Aero burner hybrid Psi irons 5-AP TM ATV 56-60 wedges Ghost Half mallet putter Current Handicap 12.7 Goals: Single digit handicap Average four scramble pars per round Get a birdie at Spyglass Hill (it's the only course I don't have one at)
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