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  1. So far, we've really not had the opportunity. Kirke's 7 right now, and he's not had a lesson or gone to any camps; just given where we live, there aren't options like that. We're hoping that (depending on how the pandemic and response continue) he'll be able to play his first competitive round this upcoming summer.
  2. It's been a while since I posted anything here about Kirke. Michigan's courses are all currently closed, which creates some mixed feelings here. It's an obvious bummer, but we're still awaiting the melting of all the snow (with more snow predicted at the end of the week), so our course wouldn't be open anyway. Kirke's been putting inside, doing a bit of SkyTrak, and (when the weather's decent) chipping balls around the yard. Michelle Holmes (a great junior golf coach worth a follow on Twitter) has been putting up some good indoor putting challenges that I've given to Kirke: Indoor practice isn't without its hazards. A couple days ago, Kirke was chipping in the basement; we have an old dog bed mounted to the wall, which deadens the impact. Kirke missed the dog bed: We need to get outside.
  3. If I'm hitting balls in a shag ball, I can tell when a Top Flite (or similar) has just been hit: that unmistakable "I just dented my clubface" sound is hard to miss. But for my part, my game is not to the point that the performance differences among the better-quality balls (say, Q Star Tour and up) are noticeable to me.
  4. If you get a chance, read the opening post of this thread. It will explain what the Recruit group is and how to get full membership.
  5. Really fascinating mix of old and new clubs. Nice post!
  6. Congrats on the milestone and happy birthday!
  7. For those who have found themselves with the "recruit" status and are puzzled, I'd like to give you a little more insight into how we're trying to help you. Obviously, there are a ton of members here who were initially drawn to the forum by the club reviewing opportunities. I was certainly one of them: if you go back to the beginning of my posting history here, you'll see a dozen or so review application posts before I started contributing to other discussions. I'm gonna level with you: those who have no posting history or have only ever posted in the review application threads have virtually no chance of being chosen for testing. It's something we try to make very clear: these aren't "contests" that members "win." These are not random draws. Why? As we wrote in the FAQ, we have to take these reviews seriously. Consider the recent review opportunities from PING and Titleist. Each of these OEMs is offering the equivalent of $4,000+ in new irons for free to our members. They're doing it 1) because they believe that their product can stand up to this scrutiny and 2) because they want to get eyeballs on their product. Every so often, we pick someone for a review, they get their gear and then they disappear, never to be heard from again. Or we get someone who gets their clubs and clearly mails in the review. This is frustrating to the OEMs and a major black eye for our forum. As moderators, it is on us to minimize the likelihood of that happening. So when we're picking reviewers, we're obviously looking for guys and gals who are a good fit for the product. But we're also looking for members with a track record of quality posts in the forum that have added value to the discussions here. We're looking for people who've demonstrated the skills to do the reviews: solid writing, clear thinking, the ability to take a quality picture. We're looking for members who model the community spirit that makes this forum special. It's always been the case that members without this track record are eliminated pretty early in the process of narrowing down the applications. I hope that from what I've just written, you can understand the reasoning for that. By creating the "Recruit" status, we're just aiming to be even more upfront and transparent about this. We've had posts on the forum literally for years explaining how to get chosen for reviews; none of this was ever hidden before (here's one from seven years ago). But by putting this speed bump up in a really unavoidable way, we're staying true to the #TruthDigest mission of MyGolfSpy: everything out in the open, nothing done in the dark. Our hope is that by making this clear, we'll encourage more of you to join in the discussion here. We believe firmly that this is the greatest golf forum on earth and we want to keep our great community while welcoming new members to become part of what has been built here.
  8. GolfSpy MPR


    Nice! Looks like a bag of forgiving clubs. Got any pictures?
  9. Moderator note: @pooley7 follows instructions. Exactly.
  10. Never felt better with my putting: Definitely expecting the short game to be its usual mess. Ground is just starting to peek through the snow here, and at least for me, all the short game shots off the mat don't immediately translate to real turf.
  11. From time to time, MyGolfSpy does brand-association surveys. Titleist is among the brands that fare best in these surveys: they have a reputation of no-nonsense quality and performance. Here's my hunch: if the survey asked to identify a brand with the phrase "Tour Proven," Titleist would win in a landslide. So here in the MyGolfSpy forums, we're delighted to work with Titleist to get four sets of their newest series of irons into the hands of our members for testing and reviews: T100S: @chisag @THEZIPR23 T200: @blackngold_blood, redeeming his golden ticket from being our 2019 fantasy golf champion in grand fashion! @DaveP043 This was among our highest-demand testing opportunities, and I know we'll all be following along eagerly as these great forum members put their new sets of Titleist irons to the test!
  12. A couple weeks ago, a new version of the SkyTrak software came up. Not sure if you're running 3.4 or the older version, but apparently one known flaw with the older version is that it didn't account for spin decay: that the ball spin decreases during the ball flight. I can't say that I've noticed a huge difference, but your experience might be different than mine.
  13. Top row: 7 iron swing from July 2018 as I began my review of the G700 irons. Bottom row: this morning, with a GW. I've got opinions, but tell me what you see.
  14. For the donor badge: please send a DM to one of the mods with your donation confirmation number and we'll add that. For the other badges: you'll need to pick which two of those you want most.
  15. Official Review Thread: PING G710 Irons It's a special joy for me to announce the reviewers of the PING G710 irons. PING iron tests are always among our most-applied-for, (dare I say) most wanted review opportunities. I had the privilege of getting in on the test of the predecessor to the G710s and have shot the best rounds of my life with my G700s. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing how the sequels perform in the hands of our four forum testers! Without further ado, our reviewers will be: @perseveringgolfer @Berg Ryman @JonMUSC08 @McaseyM Join me in congratulating these four and in following their reviews here!
  16. As of this moment, I think I have the putter I'm planning to (at least) start the season with; it's a conventional 34" putter. In my putting stroke, I definitely seek to avoid the breakdown of the left wrist. An idea I have percolating: has anyone here tried practicing with an arm lock putter as a training aid? It seems like it might help ingrain some useful habits.
  17. My course is closed. Because it's still under a foot of snow. And it's snowing today. Happy spring, everyone!
  18. It turns out, my life was pretty quarantined, and I just didn't realize it. We homeschool the kids, so that's remained unchanged. And I normally work each day from my study in the church, where I'm the only one in the building. So that's unchanged. I'm even more boring that I thought I was.
  19. Guys, let me step in here. We're like a week into the quarantine; we'll likely be talking about this for a while now. In the spirit of the moral code, let's knock off discussions of our opinions of how bad the coronavirus is/will be. This is a good thread for us to vent about how the circumstances are affecting each of us and to encourage each other now.
  20. Still waiting for the snow to melt here; probably at least a month from playing golf outside. Yesterday, I was home with three of my children, as my wife was going for an ultrasound picture of child #5. This happened: I really expected that it would take him at least a little while to make five in a row, so he'd got some practice in. Nope: knocks in the first five in a row, and heads back up to play some more If you can't understand him, as he's putting, he's telling me that when he goes back upstairs, he wants to switch to playing Street Fighter 4 instead of 5, because the matches get done quicker. He's talking as he's putting, and he never even looks at the hole (putting on a square green helps there). Also: he's gotten really good at Street Fighter, even straight up beating me at times. He hates losing there just like he hates losing at anything.
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