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  1. Looks like Harry shot the lowest score of anyone out there but got handicapped to death. I kinda thought, by definition, pro tournaments don't use handicaps?
  2. This might be the golf godsiest thing I've ever seen. We normally focus on the vindictive nature of the golf gods, but I don't think it's deniable that DeLaet made that putt because he went over and gave Campbell credit for his shot. The golf gods rewarded the solid sportsmanship.
  3. Kirke ran through a SkyTrak Skills Assessment this afternoon. He went from 25–115 yards. Struggled a little bit with his fairway wood, but otherwise, these are some solid numbers for him: His swing continues to be beautiful. This is so clean, and so much better than any swing I've ever had:
  4. Duration: 01:01:50 What was your WORST golf purchase you've ever made? Also, Wilson may be better off than they have been, but are they still suffering from an identity crisis in their golf department? Later, we talk tour contract shake-ups with Justin Rose and Chez Reavie, and we check out what's in Harry's bag for his first pro tournament outing. Let's get it! 1:01 - We asked twitter what people's worst golf purchases were 10:46 - Wilson's ongoing identity crisis in golf 30:50 - Justin Rose is caught with Taylormade clubs under his Honma contract 43:22 - Chez Reavie leaves PXG following the departure of Matt Rollins 49:14 - Harry's got his first pro even this Saturday, we take a peek at what's in his bag. Listen Here
  5. Some time back, Harry Nodwell, MGS's director of product testing, announced he was going to give a go at professional golf. His first professional event is this weekend: I don't have further details; if anyone knows what event it is and where we can keep up to date on his progress, it would be great to have it posted. I think as forum members, we'll definitely be rooting for one of our guys to succeed! Harry tweeted a link today to a GoFundMe to help him pursue this goal: https://www.gofundme.com/f/harry-nodwell-golf-professional?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=b3838fb6f23341b1983fb06b1c0fdfd8 For those who can, it might be a cool thing for some of our forum members to show him we have his back as he pursues this dream.
  6. I love that one: the guys in your group all whoop it up, while you're just standing there, shaking your head, totally befuddled.
  7. The golf gods watch you practice your indoor putting all winter long, and they chuckle. You don't see, but they do, that your mat has the slightest right break, so that you've been grooving a perfect pulled putt stroke for the last four months.
  8. GolfSpy MPR


    I love the look of these. A lot.
  9. GolfSpy MPR


    Found a deal on a green jacket on eBay. I think he looks good in it
  10. A couple more fun videos with Kirke from this weekend. The first is his work perfecting the "No Laying Up" logo for the wayward shot: I love his attention to detail: he deliberately hit a big pull before signalling left The second is that he's still trying to press for consistently increasing distance. Right now, his target is to carry each drive over 100 yards. I'd say he's currently getting to that number somewhere between 1/5 and 1/10 drives, so it's still cause for celebration: I had a very interesting conversation with Joshua Kinchen of US Kids Golf last week. Someone on Twitter asked why Kirke was using the US Kids UL instead of their higher-end TS line. I shared Kirke's SkyTrak numbers with him, and he suggested that Kirke's driver launch angle (somewhere around 24°) is too high, and that the TS might help bring that down. What is intriguing about all of this is the the SkyTrak is pretty stingy about rollout distance, and so it pushes Kirke to maximize carry. I think (based on what I've read) that Joshua was saying that a lower launch angle might maximize total distance. We'll definitely play with both when we get on the course. Around here, because of the enormous snow volumes we get, the course normally takes a couple of months after it opens to finally dry out. Here, then, maximizing carry tends to be the best way to go. Speaking of snow volumes: here's Kirke in front of the plowed-up snow at our house right now:
  11. Turns out, I was an anniversary add to the forum: I joined on this date four years ago! Perhaps as a sign of things to come: my very first post was in the forum feedback section, requesting that someone fix a typo Then I went through the typical "only try to win 'contests'" phase. But a couple years ago, I dove in by posting about my basement putting green, and I've been a regular here ever since. When the opportunity came up to contribute by being a moderator, I jumped at the chance, and I love working with the rest of our team to keep improving what we've got here without ever compromising the spirit of the community that already makes the Forum great. As @GolfSpy_X says the blog column, our forum is almost entirely self-policing. On the one hand, that gives the moderator role here something of a Maytag repairman vibe. But really, it frees us up to expand and enrich the best golf forum in the world.
  12. Got in a round of gap testing today with my G700s and the Sterlings. Here are the results in carry distance only. Which is the G700 and which is the Sterling, and which would you pick? I did both sets without watching the screen at all, so not only was I not aiming for any particular distance, I wasn't adjusting direction based on previous swing results.
  13. Special guest Ryan Ballengee joins us to talk about his reporting on Golf.com's recent questionable behavior in their recently released Top Fitters in the U.S. Later we discuss a highly requested driver test: Pitting the top performers of the past five years against each other, alongside a driver chosen by our readers. 0:39 - Ryan Ballengee speaks about his findings about Golf.com's repeated lack of disclosing conflicting interests 28:56 - By popular demand we're testing the best performing drivers over the past few years. Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-33 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/golf-com-x-true-spec-golf-lack-of-transparency-npg-33/id1356729135?i=1000467026695 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r9MoBMeLqI
  14. Given the makeup of the rest of bag, I'm guessing that you really like that FW.
  15. Here's when you know that a Tour event is just straight carnage. Here's my team this week: And somehow, with that mess, I'm currently in 15/60 place.
  16. Just for clarity: this isn't the home of the people who are Most Wanted. That's over here: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten
  17. To think of this idea, sir, makes you a golf nerd. And you are among likeminded friends. Welcome! I have a putting green in my basement. The first surface I had on it was a kind of heavy felt. I did the exact same thing you did and "Stimped" it with the PuttOut. Here's the link to my post about it, but here's the relevant information: Downhill, a ball released from the Putt-Out traveled on average 52". Uphill, it was right at 24". I ended up resurfacing the green with a much nicer turf, and repeated the test. Again, here's the link, and here are the results: On the MegaGrass surface, it rolled out 30" downhill, and about 15" uphill. So all this to say: it seems like PuttOut's estimate of 18" of roll would have to be on a relatively slow green, probably somewhere around 8 or less.
  18. Upon further review: it's an issue that Zepp knows about. In the meantime, they've posted direct links to the APK file:
  19. Whoa! @shome is right: it looks like they've pulled the golf version of the app from the Play Store: That is definitely disappointing.
  20. Huge Forum News: We're 10!!!! As we were working on a recent project for the forums, we started poking around in the archives and stumbled on a really cool truth: the forum launched 10 years ago! There are some initial test posts from January and February, but forum kicked off in a big way at the end of February/beginning of March 2010. So we started compiling some of the history of the forum, including talking with some of our longtime forum legends. We pieced the story together and today, it's featured on the MyGolfSpy blog: https://mygolfspy.com/the-mygolfspy-community-forum-celebrates-10-years-of-golf-talk/ In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary Celebration, we've just launched a dedicated Twitter account for the Forum Community: https://twitter.com/ForumMyGolfSpy. If you're a SM user, go give us a follow. And go read the story and keep an eye on the forum in the next few days: we have some celebrating to do, and you're not going to want to miss it!
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