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  1. I would guess (I have no inside info here) that they would follow their standard practice: drivers are tested with stock shafts.
  2. I'm good with an "Industry" badge with that if you want it; that said, you have to pick 2 of the 3.
  3. In my time at MyGolfSpy (both as a member and a moderator), I think the request I've seen most often is to compare this year's Most Wanted Driver against previous year's winners. Until now, this wasn't something a reader could do by comparing the results pages, because differing years' tests were compiled with different testers and sometimes with tweaks in methodologies. Thus, as strokes gained number from 2019 couldn't be compared straight up to the same number from 2018. UNTIL THIS YEAR! That's a big announcement and it's going to be very interesting to see the outcome.
  4. Since there's been no official update since I've owned my SkyTrak, I don't actually know how it works. I would guess that for iPad/Android, the app would update as normal. The next time it's connected, if there's a firmware update for the device, I'd expect it would download that and push it to the SkyTrak. For Windows, I'd imagine the app would need to be downloaded directly. But again, since there hasn't been an update in over a year, you'd have to talk to someone who's had it for a long time to know for sure.
  5. There's been lots of discussion about this on other forums (there's a good one dedicated entirely to golf simulators which has a moderately active SkyTrak page). Version 3.4 has been in beta for a while; I know this because I've used it firsthand. It includes several useful features, including the linking of multiple accounts to a single computer for multiplayer and allowing users to set up custom clubsets. It's also supposed to fix a couple of ball reading issues, but they're mostly for high speed guys, which doesn't apply to me. Version 4 is supposed to have updated graphics. In the other forum, for a time a representation of SkyTrak was posting. His original claim was that 3.4 was delayed when (last year) the European Union changed their privacy laws (remember when every website was updating its terms of service?). On the whole, few people found the reasoning convincing. There is some buzz that 3.4 might actually drop tonight; there are notifications on SkyTrak's website about it being down for maintenance this evening. At this point, it's all speculation.
  6. Thank you for repeatedly not telling me that.
  7. Had a really nice weekend weather-wise here; temps reached almost to the mid-40s. This meant that SkyTrak in the unheated garage was much more pleasant, and I got a lot of shots in. Unfortunately, so did Kirke, so I had a hard time kicking him off long enough to do focused testing with the Sterlings. Temperatures are headed back down right now, but are supposed to rebound again this weekend. My plan for LM testing is going to focus on two SkyTrak features: gap testing and skills assessment. My plan is to do at least two rounds of gap testing. SkyTrak tracks the distance and dispersion with each club and graphs everything. I plan to do two rounds of the gap test, 5-PW, with both my G700s and the Sterlings. While I'm doing it, I'm planning to avoid watching the results along the way. That way, I'm not trying to hit a specific target yardage. I just want to put a clean swing on each club and see what kind of results I'm getting. With the gap test, I'll be looking for three things. The first, obviously, is usable gapping between each iron; this is especially something I'll be scrutinizing at the top end of the bag. Both sets of irons present reasons for concern: the 3° gapping of the G700s, and the standard concerns with single length irons of generating adequate ball speed in the long irons. The second aspect of the gap test that is important is how the set itself fits into the rest of my bag. I've currently got a hybrid that's covering the 200-210 slot and a GW that's my club from 100-105. So I need my 5-PW, in whichever set, to fit in between these (or else I'll have to rebuild my bag). And finally, I'll be giving special attention to the dispersion numbers in the gap test. This is where the single-length irons ought to have an advantage over the variable length SGI irons. After I finish the gap tests, I'll know the stock yardages for each club, and that will allow me to take an intelligent approach to the skills assessment. I'll likely set it up so the target greens fit with my current bag setup: PW: 120 9i: 135 8i: 150 7i: 165 6i: 180 5i: 190 Speaking of skills assessments, I squeezed one in this past weekend, using my current set makeup. I was pretty pleased with the results:
  8. Guys, probably time to wrap this up. This thread is one that is repeated over and again on golf forums, often to no resolution, often (I suspect) started without any intention of a resolution.
  9. Just a reminder: we're allowed two badges each, in addition to the Donor badge. Which two do you want most?
  10. Had a warm spell these past couple of days (temps getting up into the 40s), making SkyTrak in the garage much less unpleasant. Kirke's been working on finding the middle of the face, optimizing his launch. He's seeing that if he launches it higher, it generally goes further for him. And he's feeling (and hearing) the difference between centered strikes and heel cuts. Right now, his best drives have hit 80mph of ball speed and carried just over 100 yards. One of the fun things we do on SkyTrak is have long drive contests. Right now, he's winning most of them: it's his driver against my GW. If I switched to PW, I'd win every time. I expect that in the next few years, we'll keep working up my bag (his driver against my PW, then my 9i, etc.). Eventually, it'll come full circle: it'll be my driver against his FW, then his hybrid, etc.
  11. Filmed Kirke's 2020 WITB Yooper-style!
  12. So let's get this established first: what are the loft comparisons between the Sterlings and the G700s? Let's start with the Sterlings: And here are the G700s: The two sets overlap at the 5i, which is going to be interesting for testing. While the Sterlings step down in consistent 4° increments, the PING gaps are 3°, 3.5°, 4.5°, and then 5°. I'm certainly happy that as far as lofts are concerned, the top and bottom clubs are nearly identical. I've built my current set makeup around my G700s, and it would be nice (if the Sterlings were to bump them) not to have to rebuild my wedge and hybrid/FW setups.
  13. After two weeks of getting shuffled through USPS terminals through the northeast quadrant of our nation, the single length irons arrived in the Riley household this afternoon! A bit more writing for the next couple of hours, and then home for some initial SkyTrak testing!
  14. Today we talk Direct-to-consumer golf clubs. You may be familiar with DTC golf clubs, but how should you best navigate the growing world of DTC clubs? Also, we go in depth about our recently completed Most Wanted Driver test: What's new, what's not, and what to look for in the future of Most Wanted testing. 1:01 - 2020 Most Wanted Driver testing 18:27 - The ups and downs of Direct to Consumer golf clubs Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-32 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/direct-to-consumer-golf-clubs-npg-32/id1356729135?i=1000466310510 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXp9I2MEGJY
  15. I posted about this elsewhere here, but my stroke was intended to be SBST, but ended up "outside the line, cut through the ball." Here it is in real time: And here, slowed down, with my analysis:
  16. Thanks for the kind words, @chisag. Lots of reading, but lots more trial and error (with feedback) to get to this point. Feeling pretty good about my stroke right now; hoping I feel the same in two months when the snow finally melts here.
  17. I was mostly just poking a little fun at the typo: listing a 431 yard hole as a par 3 . You got it fixed already, but the thought of par 3 that long is enough to make a grown man cry.
  18. This is when you know that the distance issue has gotten totally out of control. That's pretty brutal
  19. From https://www.usopen.com/fan-info.html
  20. Defending high ticket prices isn't really my idea of a good time, but it's important to add: every time I've bought tickets for any PGA Tour event, one adult ticket also admits (at least) two kids free.
  21. I like that way of referring to it. I was thinking a bag without too many dividers, so I was totally on the wrong track
  22. Filling this away for mental games this upcoming season: "So before your take the club back, how many times do you wiggle your toes?"
  23. I've purchase a few putter covers from Craftsman golf, mostly on eBay, and I've been pleased with the quality/price ratio. I haven't ever bought their sock covers, so I can't vouch for them personally, but this set seems well-reviewed: CRAFTSMAN GOLF Knit 3pcs Headcover Set Vintange Pom Pom Sock Covers 1-3-5 Gray & Black New https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HN4SP8A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Dn0tEb34J2V7S
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