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  1. Short of going in for a putting fitting (something I've wanted to do for a while), I wouldn't be able to answer that for you definitively. My hunch is that the "hand quieting" properties of a grip tend to be based on its size more than its shape. The flat sides should have more to do with face awareness.
  2. My grip is a version of the prayer grip, just with the left hand slightly lower than the right. Basically, the big knuckle of my left thumb sits just under the same of my right thumb. My last several putters have been with flat or flattish sided grips (Evnroll's Gravity Grip, various grips from P2). I appreciate the feedback on the face direction in my hands. That said, my current putter has a nearly round grip (the stock oversized Odyssey Stroke Lab grip), and I'm having my best putting season in a few years.
  3. First, you have an awesome and dangerous forum handle. Good luck there I'm also interested in your question. I've used a couple versions of the Flat Cat (the standard and the slim, if I recall correctly). I installed them so that the flat side was parallel to the club face, to feel the orientation of the face in my hands. Just out of curiosity, how do you grip your putter? Conventional, left-hand low, or some other way? I went left-hand low a few years back, and that was very helpful to me for quieting my hands.
  4. Thanks, guys! My parents came to our house to watch the kids yesterday, allowing my wife and I a little day trip to Bayfield, WI, where I got to play Apostle Highlands. Great deal, and very interesting course. Would love to go back and take another crack at it sometime. Today, Kirke and I had an early morning walk, and the skies opened on us on the last hole. Spending the rest of the day grading papers from a seminary course I taught earlier this year, and then we'll cap the day with beef short ribs for dinner and pecan pie for dessert.
  5. It doesn't change any of your previous interactions. The biggest thing is that (unavoidably), there is a level confusion at times when people miss the connection. But so long as a person isn't constantly changing his handle (there's a limit built in the software), there's no objection to making it fit with other social accounts.
  6. We've had a ton of applications for the past couple of review opportunities! That's exciting to see. It also means it's a good time to bump this thread again, and also to include a link to our FAQ guide to getting chosen for testing: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/faq/testing/how-are-equipment-testers-chosen-r11/
  7. Had a terrible league round last night: 11 over on 9 holes. But I did it in a very unusual way: I never bogeyed a hole. The damage: Double Double Par Par Par Double Double Triple Par As a guy who most often plays bogey golf, I don't know if I've ever had a round with no bogeys. So there's that, whatever that's worth
  8. Some of golfers' favorite words: "It's in the hole!" "Split the fairway!" "You're dancing!" "It's dry." (OK, that last one isn't the best news, but if you're in those circumstances....) Let's add another to this list: "Pin high!" Who doesn't love the feeling of knowing the distance you've got, knowing you've got just the club for that distance, and hitting it exactly that far? We've got TEN forum members who are going to see if the SkyCaddie LX5 GPS watch is going to be the best tool for them to hear "Pin high" just a little more often! @AGutierrez7 @ballplayer002003 @JoshAndersonGolf @Josh Ross @knightsofnii @mikeanthony @MDGolfHacker @MrBandit @palvord @TCUFrog Let's send some congratulations to our members and stay tuned for their reviews!
  9. With the announcement of Foresight's shot tracker, Arccos and Shot Scope may have a new rival on the horizon. Also, introducing Tour Stats, the MGS take on tour data. 2:34 - Foresight announces new shot tracker 4:46 - Debate: Arccos VS Shot Scope 34:00 - Top 5 Premium Golf Gloves of 2020 35:25 - Tour Stats: What would Tiger shoot on your home course? Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-46 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/debate-arccos-vs-shot-scope-npg-46/id1356729135?i=1000485290499 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0qVOpdTa0w
  10. I'll say this: several years ago, I watched the documentary "The Short Game." It tracks several kids leading up to the Junior World Golf Championship at Pinehurst. A couple of the young ladies from that documentary have gone on to be very promising players; they even teamed up for the Women's US Amateur. But my big takeaway: it would be an amazingly unusual child to deal with that level of pomp and accolades at ages 7 and 8 and do it well. For our family (no judgment at all implied for anyone who chooses differently), I decided that we were not going to plan to pursue that kind of thing in these early years. As a family, there are decisions we want to make before they have to be made, because when certain opportunities are sitting there, open, it's really hard to say no in the moment. If you're going to choose intentionally, I think it's easier to do so ahead of time. So @THEZIPR23, I definitely appreciate the spirit of this comment. In this regard, it actually works out well that finding a tournament for Kirke is inconvenient for us. I think that the sheer impracticality of it will help it from getting out of hand, even if we were to choose to bring Kirke to this event.
  11. Should have guessed this wasn't the most unbiased audience And I did email US Kids; they replied today that the season fee cannot be waived.
  12. Guys, looking for some feedback here. Kirke has never played in a stroke play tournament against other kids. He was able to participate in Drive, Chip, and Putt last season (canceled this year), but other than that, all of his rounds have been with me and other adults. Opportunities for kids golf tournaments locally are very limited, by which I mean essentially non-existent. Given our remote location, finding a tournament that has a bracket for Kirke's age is especially challenging, because there just aren't a ton of 7-year-olds in most places looking to play in tournaments. I've been keeping a close eye on the schedule for the Minneapolis Tour of US Kids Golf. Minneapolis is about a 4.5 hour drive from here, and I was planning to get Kirke in one even there this summer. (A further complication is that because my day job is that I pastor a church, Sunday tournaments aren't going to work for us.) There's a Monday event at the end of August I've been targeting. Registration opened yesterday, and I was excited. The fee for the tournament (9 holes) is $39; that's fine. Pricey if you think about him playing nine (half-length holes), but understandable with the expenses for putting on the tournament. But on the next registration screen, I also found out there is a fee for the season, another $40. Since this will be Kirke's only event (given the travel, etc.), we're looking at $80 for nine holes of golf. The issue isn't whether we can afford it; this isn't going to break us (though it is the reminder of the standing barriers that exist in golf against those without means). It feels like one of those, "It's not the money; it's the principle" things. I don't believe that a competitive event is somehow essential to Kirke's development at age 7. There are guys on Tour who weren't even swinging a club at that age, much less entering tournaments. I have no desire to get sucked in to Junior Golf Development, Inc. At the same time, I know it's something he'd enjoy (he'd be bummed if I told him we weren't going to do it), and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't interested in where he stands compared to other kids his age. So what do you guys think?
  13. My main gamer right now is an Odyssey Stroke Lab R Ball (slant neck). It has the stock oversized Odyssey grip on it (the first putter I've bought and not regripped in ages). On my Tour Stroke Trainer, I have the Winn NTP. I've used a Gravity Grip (on a custom home-built Stroke Lab shaft I made for my Odyssey EXO Indianapolis), and I really like it. I've found that on the course, a slant-neck mallet does well for me; I wish Evnroll would produce something with that hosel.
  14. Nice writeup, @Net Double. For me now, the Tour Stroke Trainer is my main putter for practice. I keep it in my office with my PuttOut, and a couple times a day I'll grab to roll a dozen putts. Even though I've not taken it to the course in quite some time, it keeps my stroke the way I want it, and my putting numbers this year have been very solid for me.
  15. Took care of this one. As stated above: in general, if someone 1) seems to have every single item when someone posts a WTB, and 2) always wants to correspond by email, rather than through DMs here on MGS, go ahead and notify the mods. These behaviors are typical of scammers, and we'll ban first and ask for a defense later.
  16. #MyTubSpy asks, should anyone play cheap golf balls? Also, the Best Rangefinders of 2020 and Top 5 Golf Equipment Trends. 0:52 - Meet Philip Bishop, our new Dir. of Hard Goods 6:13 - Should you buy cheap golf balls? 22:58 - The Best Rangefinders of 2020 24:52 - Top 5 Golf Equipment Trends: 25:13 - 3D printing golf clubs 33:47 - Larger OEMs embrace DTC 33:15 - Golf retail is dying 42:02 - Fewer ads in traditional media 45:03 - The rise of personal launch monitors Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-45 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/should-golfers-play-cheap-golf-balls-npg-45/id1356729135?i=1000484934491 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5PXA_TAmfg --------------------------------------------- BEST RANGEFINDERS OF 2020 --------------------------------------------- Bushnell Pro XE: https://amzn.to/32dBqDD Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized: https://amzn.to/2B2TYLD Bushnell Tour V5 Shift: https://bit.ly/3e2xc3N Bushnell Tour V5: https://amzn.to/3hY6ht4 Precision Pro NX7 Slope: https://bit.ly/304MYq2 See the full article here: https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-rangefinders-for-2020/ --------------------------------------------- Check out MyGolfSpy's other channels! -------------------------------------------- REVIEWS: bit.ly/MGSreviews BUYERS GUIDES: mygolfspy.com/category/golf-b... NEW RELEASES: bit.ly/MGSnewgear PODCAST: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... DRIVER FITTING TOOL: www.truegolffit.com/ ------------------------------------ MYGOLFSPY on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: twitter.com/MyGolfSpy Facebook: www.facebook.com/mygolfspycom/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/mygolfspy/
  17. It's always super-encouraging to get kind words from accomplished players or coaches. Today, I noticed that Lucy Li (who qualified for the women's US Open at age 11!) left a kind comment on one of Kirke's swing videos on Instagram: As the summer has progressed, Kirke's game is really rounding into form. He's grown into the increased course length for this year. On Saturday, I was playing really well and actually had a one-shot lead through nine holes (I was 2-over to his 3-over). I proceeded to shoot 6-over on the book (for what is still a happy 79 for me); Kirke shot 1-over on the back, for a nice 4-over 75 round. Even when I think I'm going to beat this kid, I still lose. Wouldn't have it any other way
  18. I've got an APATTS story (almost par after a terrible tee shot). Playing with Kirke and @Erik-M a couple of days ago. Hole 12 at our course is a very short par 4 (about 280ish, but can vary almost 40 yards depending on the tee placement). The always present danger is the thick wood on the right. But the further back the tees go, the more the drive is out of a chute of trees, which adds pressure to the tee ball. So I step up to the tee with a really nice round going (I was 2 over through 11). I precede to pull my hybrid hard. Here's a picture: See the chute? And do you see that little loop of cart path on the left of chute? Yeah, so my ball crashes into the left woods, pops up, and settles ultimately near the woods on the side of the cart path nearer the tees. After giving it some thought, my best play was going to be to re-tee. So I hit hybrid again off the tee and crushed it (still a pull, but missed the woods this time). 244 yards is longer than my average drive, so that went well. Lasered the flag, picked my wedge shot based on my clock system, and hit a deft little pitch that rolled up and hit the hole, caroming off the stick to about 3 feet for a kick-in bogey. If that wedge would have gone in, that would have been my best ever PATTS. As it was, it's a nice APATTS.
  19. I'm going to take this challenge and make it a bit more challenging: I've got to buy new things. Here goes: Driver: Tour Edge EXS: rockbottomgolf.com, currently $152.99 FWs: Srixon Z F65 3 and 5 woods: hurricanegolf.com, currently $199.98 Hybrid: Tour Edge CBX: rockbottomgolf, currently $107.99 Irons: Wilson Staff D200, 5-PW, GW: budgetgolf.com, currently $249.96 SW: Cleveland RTX-3: rockbottomgolf.com, currently $62.99 LW: Callaway PM Grind: hurricanegolf.com, currently $79.99 Putter: Cleveland Satin Elevado: hurricanegolf.com, currently $79.99 That puts me at $932.89, so I'll be cutting a bit close on shipping and taxes. That said, that's a pretty solid bag that I'd be happy to go play today.
  20. TIMELINE: 1:55 - Top 5 Equipment Myths 2:09 - #1 Newer is Better 10:51 - #2 Longer is Better 18:01 - #3 Cast vs. Milled Putters 19:38 - #4 Indian, not the Arrow 23:50 - #5 Getting fit? Good Luck! 32:19 - BEST DRIVERS OF 2020 (Swing Speed) 33:41 - TourStats (New Feature) 41:46 - Member Testing with ExPutt Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFc2iuEnUsg Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-44 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/top-5-golf-equipment-myths-npg-44/id1356729135?i=1000482395368
  21. I'm guessing you guys might be talking past each other here (though I could be wrong). @Badams69, @cnosil's comment about wanting to see his own data is a reference to the fact that he does a ton of testing for Most Wanted. So he was joking (though it could happen) that he could narrow down a filter and actually see his own data with each club. Cnosil, if he doesn't know that you're a tester, the comment about wanting to have your own data visible on MGS would sound absurd, which I think was the basis of his joking comment. Again, I might be wrong, but I think both of you made jokes that might have been lost on the other.
  22. This thread's been dormant for a year, and we've got lots of new members. Time to revive and update it! What are you social media handles? Obviously, forum discussions are awesome, but it's also fun to follow the banter and posting on other platforms as well. A reminder: if you edit your profile, you can include your handles right there:
  23. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! It's time to get aligned! We've got a fresh collection of six forum members who'll be getting a new batch of balls with the custom alignment features of Align XL. We've got a mix of guys here: some who use the normal OEM line, some who draw a line (one who admits drawing them freehand at times!), and one who's not a line guy. Let's see how much the big line helps their games! Our testers are: cjeffs12 fixyurdivot scooterhd2 Mtbryant01 Nolan220 twyatt700
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