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  1. And we have our winners! But first: data! The odds of correctly picking eleven 50/50 guesses (like a coin toss) is about 1/2,000. With just under 300 entries, we wouldn't necessary expect a perfect entry—but we got one! To be sure, the odds aren't exactly 50/50 for each of these props. Oddly, the most lopsided vote was for the National Anthem length. Apparently, you guys have strong feelings that the Anthem goes long. It doesn't, and so 2/3 of the entries were out of the race for a perfect sheet before the game began. On the one prop that genuinely is a 50/50 shot—the coin toss—the guesses were weighted toward heads. The toss was tails. After the Anthem and the coin toss, roughly 250/300 of us had already gotten one prop wrong. That's a rough start! In forum administration news, I beat @GolfSpy STUDque and @GolfSpy Dave to take home the doesn't-actually-exist mod trophy. If you want to check how you finished, the complete results are in this spreadsheet. But now the real competition with the real prizes: We had a tie for second/third. @Jason Day and @Parsorbetter345 each nailed every prop except for the Anthem time. Unfortunately—ahem—neither completed the tie break by posting a final total score in the contest thread. So the mods huddled up (metaphorically) and called an audible (also metaphorical): whoever posted his picks first would take second place. Since Parsorbetter345 got his picks posted on Tuesday night and Jason Day did his last Wednesday, Parsonbetter345 nabs second place. Jason Day takes third. And now a major round of applause for the only perfect set of picks in our contest: @bogeyboy69! Adding to his impressive entry: his tie break score was 55, only 4 points off the actual number. As a reminder, Jason Day will be getting a sweet set of Fujikura/MyGolfSpy alignments sticks. Parsorbetter345 gets a set of the sticks and a PING glove. And bogeyboy69 gets the sticks, the glove, and a MyGolfSpy hat! Congrats to these forum members and thanks to all for playing!
  2. DEBATE: Is The Plain White Golf Ball Dying? We're back from the PGA Show to discuss the return of the Tommy Armour 845s and whether the white golf ball is experiencing a slow, steady demise. 1:17 - An update on Most Wanted Driver testing and life at HQ 6:30 - We reminisce about the classic 845 irons and their return in modern form 16:57 - Does the 2020 Taylormade PIX signal the beginning of a new trend in non-white golf balls? 40:15 - Are social media influencers losing influence? 47:53 - A new shaft from Fujikura: The Motore X Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-30 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/is-the-plain-white-golf-ball-dying-npg-30/id1356729135?i=1000464272463 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJn6CRyC0Tc
  3. Yep, this is correct. While I commented on the match up between the stroke shape and the toe hang, it's why I asked if he had a typical miss. While it's "unorthodox" to go strong arc with a face balanced putter, if the typical miss is to the right, adding weight on the toe is a bad move.
  4. Was thinking that this would be a fun thread topic, but I see that @Berg Ryman beat me to it by a couple of years, so let's do a Throwback Thursday Thread! Anyone have some good nicknames for your clubs? I'd assume that drivers and putters are most named clubs in the bags. For a while, Kirke and I decided that his driver would be named Balrog, which I think is a great driver name that might need to be revived. Still not sure if the name is from this guy: ...or this guy: I think either one works well as a driver.
  5. Can verify on the ball position: I put my cursor on the center of the ball for the first putt, and the subsequent balls were moving closer (without a repositioning of the feet). Was this (perhaps) an adjustment to the first putt missing right? Otherwise, it looks like a very functional stroke. Do you have a typical miss? The biggest question that I get from you video is regarding the matchup between your stroke (which seems to have a decent amount of arc) and the putter (which, from the looks of the shaft, is face-balanced).
  6. It's time for our annual MyGolfSpy Super Bowl pick'em contest! We've set up some props for you to pick for Sunday's Chiefs vs. 49ers championship game. For each prop, complete the poll to pick the side you think will happen. NOTE THIS CAREFULLY: For a tie break, post in this thread the total points (both teams combined) that will be scored in the game. Submissions without a tie break will be given lowest priority in the event of a tie. (Please reply in the thread without quoting this post.) And there are PRIZES! THIRD: a set of MyGolfSpy/Fujikura alignment sticks SECOND: a set of MyGolfSpy/Fujikura alignment sticks AND a PING glove FIRST: a set of MyGolfSpy/Fujikura alignment sticks AND a PING glove AND a MyGolfSpy hat We'll be closing this contest at 6:00pm Eastern Time on Sunday. Good luck to all, and winners will be announced next week!
  7. We're in the process right now of rolling out a new FAQ page, so I happen to have a tutorial ready to go. How do I put my WITB in my signature? You might notice that many of our members list their current bag setup in their signatures. To get one like that yourself, click your forum name in the upper right corner, then choose “Account Settings”: Choose “Signature” from the list of options on the left of the page. To insert the custom icons of the various club and accessories OEMs, click the emoji (the smiley face) in the toolbar and scroll all the way to the bottom of the list.
  8. Golf is hard and Tour highlights don’t give a realistic idea just how hard it is. Consider putting: right around 8’ is typically the break point on the PGA Tour for making 50% of putts. But even then, the very best putters on Tour are averaging just over 80’ of made putts per round. The bottom of the Tour is closer to 65’. Some quick math suggests, then, that the average made putt on Tour is between 3.5 and 4.5’. And yet how many of us start acting as though we’ve been forced to contend with a cosmic injustice when we miss a few six footers in a round? What I want to do is use data to help myself objectively manage my expectations on the course. It’s one thing to realize that I can’t reasonably expect to stick every approach shot next to the stick. But what is reasonable for approach shots? When the frustration starts to rise, what measurable criteria can I use to talk to myself instead of listening to myself? Like a lot of golfers, I first encountered the idea of “percent error” in a golf shot from short game coach Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible. In his book, he talks about following Tour players on the course and manually charting their shots relative to their targets. The simple idea of percent error is to take the distance by which the shot missed the intended target and divide it by the shot length. As a simple example, a 150-yard shot that finishes 45 feet (15 yards) from the hole is a 10 percent error shot. What Pelz argues in his book is that short game shots have a higher percent error and so that improvement on the short game should produce more immediate results in improved scoring. That isn’t my focus here. Rather, I want to consider percent error as a way of managing expectations on the golf course. For my part, I’ve found it fascinating to do Skills Assessments on my SkyTrak launch monitor. After each shot, the software not only tells you how far from the hole you were, but it turns that result into a handicap equivalent. I’ve been surprised at how “poor” a shot can be and still qualify as a scratch shot. Thanks to ShotLink, the raw proximity data for Tour pros for various shots is already available. Consider this awesome chart from some of my favorite Twitter follows, Lou Stagner and Scott Fawcett: What they've done here is broken down approach shots from the fairway in 5-yard increments. This chart already gives us some really eye-popping numbers. From 10 yards from the hole, on the fairway, Tour pros hit shots that finish within 3’ of the cup less than 50% of the time! I certainly would not have guessed that. The downside of SkyTrak’s data and this chart for my purposes is that neither is easy to remember. When I laser the flag and find I’ve got a 150-yard shot, I’m unlikely going to remember that Tour average from this distance is a ball that finishes 25’ 3” from the hole. What I hoped was to find a percent error number—hopefully, a nice round number—that I could keep in mind during a round to set expectations for a decent shot. So I took the Stanger/Fawcett data and calculated the percent error from each distance: The first thing to note here is that, for Tour pros, their greatest relative accuracy is the 130–150 range, where most of them would be taking full swing PW. Outside that range, going closer and going further away, the percent error grows. (It’s very important to note, though, that the absolute accuracy always increases as you get nearer the hole. Hitting a 130-yard shot to 22” feels better than hitting a 50-yard shot to 15”. In relative terms, the longer shot is more accurate. But on the green, one ball is still 7’ further away than the other, with a significantly smaller chance of being holed. In other words, don’t lay up to preferred distances.) I’m hoping to keep updating this project. For my next move, I’m hoping to reach out to Arccos and Game Golf and Shot Scope, to see if they have any interested in sharing the average miss data at these distances by handicap. At this point, I’m inclined to think that a 10% error rule of thumb might be useful as a mid-handicap amateur, but I don’t have access to the data to prove that. Is that too much error compared to the Tour guys? Too little? If anyone here knows if that information has been published and can point me to it, I’d be grateful.
  9. The MGS Staff brings you the top products from the 2020 PGA Show in Orlando Florida. TOP 5 PRODUCTS 2020 PGA SHOW: #5 - The Triple Track Putter/Ball Combo from Odyssey #4 - Bushnell's Wingman GPS Speaker #3 - Bridgestone's 2020 Tour B Golf Ball #2 - Arccos' App that wants to change the rangefinder game #1 - Adidas' new shoe and overall booth experience HONORABLE MENTION: - Stitch UGB - Mizuno Copper Irons And a rake that may end up being Barba's claim to fame. Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-29 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/top-5-products-2020-pga-show-npg-29/id1356729135?i=1000463838387 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvjKwqaoKWQ
  10. Turns out, fielding a full roster helps. Go figure! Here are the current standings, sorted by points per player. Note the first column, which are the current rankings, and the big numbers (ahem, like me) who stand out because we opted for a team with 1, 2, or 3 guys playing this week:
  11. I try not to beg public golf figures for retweets, but I tagged Brandel Chamblee in a swing of Kirke's, because Kirke's swing (especially his lifting of his front heel on the backswing) has a lot of features that Brandel endorses. Brandel retweeted Kirke's swing with some kind words:
  12. No need to use your imagination. It looks like this:
  13. So far this winter, we've had something more than 10 feet of snow here. But the plus side is that we're in the middle of a warm spell: the high temps for the next 10 days are all right at or just above freezing. Considering that this time of year, it's not uncommon for us to have a stretch of days that long in which the temps don't rise about 0°F, I'll take it! I have no idea if this portends an early spring; around here, golf by the end of April means we're off to a good start. The warmer temperatures mean that getting into the garage for SkyTrak sessions is a bit easier. I don't trust my distances so much in this weather. The golf balls and clubs are literally frozen, and the cold temps means I'm typically wearing a few layers. But it's still good for working on face/path and strike, even if I have to club up to reach the distances I want to hit. Putting practice continues. I bought a low-end mat that I can use at my office. Enjoying the opportunity to get reps with line and speed. And I'm settling on my club setup for the upcoming year. I'll do a WITB 2020 post in the near future, but I added one candidate for the last slot in my bag today. Dallas Golf was selling a brand new Cobra F6 5-6 with a Fujikura Motore shaft for $80 shipped, so I grabbed that to give me another option in the top end of my bag. Hoping that as the season gets closer and everything warms up to do some serious gap testing with my SkyTrak.
  14. Michelle Holmes (a top ranked junior coach and a great follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mholmesgolf) put up a video of one of her students as a beginner in 2015 and then her swing today. So I decided to compile a video of Kirke's swings since he began by swinging a plastic club that was molded in the shape of a carrot:
  15. We'll follow up on this and see what happened.
  16. Looking forward to your evaluation of it. And close up pictures, so I can figure out how to MacGyver one together here.
  17. Just to summarize the audio from Paul Wood (of PING) that I linked to above, PING found in their testing that: Putters with face tech objectively helped people stop the ball closer to the hole, but that Putters without face tech made people feel like they had better distance control, and that that confidence produced measurably good results. At the risk of a bit of oversimplification, it ended up something like this: putters with face tech reduced three-putts, while putters without face tech increased one-putts. He concludes by saying that the magic would be found (presumably, PING is working on this) with some that has the feel of no-tech but the objective benefits of tech.
  18. You'll want to listen to this (very short) part of a discussion with Paul Wood of PING that came out a few weeks ago: Skip ahead to almost the end, about 31:21.
  19. That Heppler Tomcat 14 is sorely provoking me to take the next step in my annual off-season routine: Settle on a selection of putters from my collection to compete for a spot in my bag. Develop a series of tests to determine the fit of each putter for my own tendencies. Complete several rounds of testing, fastidiously tracking results. Crown an overall winner and award it the starting spot in my bag in April when the snow finally melts. [keep waiting for the snow to melt] <--- I am here Lose discipline and buy a new putter and put it in the bag in April, utterly ignoring all the previous steps.
  20. I should say so! Thank you for your service.
  21. Congrats! An honor to apply your badge; wear it well!
  22. We're breaking in 2020 with the introduction of our show's new host, Miranda Mason. We also talk about the avalanche of new releases since the start of the year. A new year, a new host, and a ton of new products announced. Let's get it! 1:38 - Callaway's Mavrik Driver and does sound correlate with performance? 15:46 - Taylormade continues their strong naming conventions with the SIM Driver 23:41 - PXG's Gen 3 Irons: How do they justify that price tag? 33:09 - Mizuno's first putters in the US, the M-Craft line 37:21 - Odyssey's Triple Track Putter lines up nicely with the similarly striped ball 42:25 - A 38° Pitching Wedge? It's real, but we can't say who it's from yet... 50:01 - MGS's visit to Baltimore to see the launch of Under Armour's Spieth 4 Shoe. Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-28 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/6-hot-new-golf-products-in-2020-npg-28/id1356729135?i=1000462941579 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwnZBD3b0BM
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