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  1. TIMELINE: 1:57 - Golf Channel Announces Major Layoffs 44:38 - Top 5 Mallet Putters of 2020 46:09 - STUDY: Looks DON'T Matter With Putters Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-43 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/study-looks-dont-matter-with-putters-npg-43/id1356729135?i=1000479791116 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LePB4J5n3EY --------------------------------------------- Check out MyGolfSpy's other channels! -------------------------------------------- REVIEWS: http://bit.ly/MGSreviews BUYERS GUIDES: https://mygolfspy.com/category/golf-b... NEW RELEASES: http://bit.ly/MGSnewgear PODCAST: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... DRIVER FITTING TOOL: https://truegolffit.com/ ------------------------------------ MYGOLFSPY on Social Media ------------------------------------ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyGolfSpy Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mygolfspycom/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mygolfspy/
  2. After a several round drought, finally picked up another birdie in last night's league match. Hit a heel-cut 3W into the corner of the dogleg, then a nice GW to within 2'. Gotta love when you have the tap-in birdie!
  3. I was hoping @cnosil would weigh in; as an actual tester for Most Wanted, he has more insight to the process that I do. The forum moderators are totally a different group than the guys in the testing lab; I've never been to the lab (though I'd love to visit some time). I would add this footnote to cnosil's explanation: as he said many OEMs send clubs to MGS for testing. Any OEM who refuses to send a club, MGS has to purchase. Why doesn't Krank send a driver for testing? I don't know this first-hand, but it could have something to do with their last-place finish in the 2014 Most Wanted Driver testing: https://mygolfspy.com/2014-most-wanted-driver-overall-awards/ There's a good explanation from @Tony Covey MGS in the comments from the 2017 MW testing (click the link and search for "krank") explaining why they hadn't gone a purchased a Krank driver for testing that year: https://mygolfspy.com/2017-most-wanted-driver/
  4. Any thoughts here on the 2020 MW mallets results posted today? The most obviously odd thing is that the best and (almost the) worst putters were Odyssey Stroke Lab Two Ball Triple Track putters: one the traditional Two-Ball mallet, the other the Two-Ball blade. As a recent convert to a variation on this mallet (the R-Ball version), I can say it has definitely improved my ability to start my ball on my intended line. I also need to get my Frontline Elevado on the course for at least a couple of rounds this season. What stands out for you?
  5. With all my little ones this morning!
  6. Just remember guys: this is only first Father's Day this year. You're going to want to keep it quiet today, but I think we're all going to claim a second Father's Day on September 20, right?
  7. Bryson Dechambeau drops bombs on the PGA Tour and reignites the ball rollback debate. 0:52 - Should The Golf Ball Be Rolled Back? 37:45 - Is THIS New Golf Shoe The Future? 48:02 - What Brand Would You NOT Let Sponsor You? 57:15 - Getting Knighted by Nick Faldo Listen to NPG: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/mygolfspy/no-putts-given-42 iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/should-we-roll-back-the-golf-ball-npg-42/id1356729135?i=1000478926268 Watch NPG: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bJLkGUBCIU
  8. For my part, unless something specific is done (and honestly, I'm not sure what it would be), up and coming players are going to continue to change what we think is normal and even possible in golf. Even since the turn of the millennium, the number of 3-point shots taken per game in the NBA has more than doubled. Previous generations considered the 3-point shot inefficient; it was, until a generation of players came along who were so good at it that now many players take more 3s per game than both teams used to when it was introduced. Why would it be impossible for the ceiling to be raised in a similar way in golf? A Tour average player hits about 60% of his fairways. Last week, Bryson hit 58.9% of his fairways while averaging 340 yards per drive! The idea that it is impossible to add crazy swing speed while also still controlling the ball makes sense to us, because we're not superhuman. But just as the gulf between a rec league basketball team and an NBA team is such that they're hardly playing the same sport, the athletic and power increases in golf will (I expect) continue to make the pro game played by people who have virtually nothing to do with the game we're playing. Like what Bryson's doing, switching to a Kyle Berkshire swing (or ultimately, a Happy Gilmore swing) is only going to be done by someone who is willing to do something totally different in pursuit of being better than anyone else.
  9. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Tour Edge has made some of the most highly-regarded woods in the industry for a while now, so when they release a special edition club like the EXS Pro line, they should have all our attention. We've got four members who will be the focus of that attention here, as they tell us all about their experiences with the latest from Tour Edge! The testers are: @ncwoz @The 19th Hole @Zen Snake @zrumble [Might be the first time in MGS history we're had two reviewers with Z forum handles.] Congratulate our testers, and stay tuned for their reviews!
  10. Literally, there's a thread already about Bryson, strength, bulk, and fitness. I'm not trying to restart that discussion
  11. We've seen Bryson's transformation in pursuit of distance, and at least right now, it seems to be paying off (even on a course that isn't set up for bombers). I would be surprised if we don't see more players aggressively pursuing radical speed improvements in the next couple of years. After that, what's the next move? My guess (seriously) is the Happy Gilmore swing. Here are the current USGA rules that govern what is permitted as a "stroke." As best I can determine, nothing here would prohibit a Happy Gilmore swing: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=10 There's an old Sports Science episode where Padraig Harrington picks up 30 yards of distance with a Happy swing: The full episode is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I5a5y2aOJ0 My prediction: someone works hard on this and makes it a controllable shot. Then the governing bodies step in and define a stroke in such a way that your feet are not permitted to fully leave the ground at any point before impact (or something like that). It would also ban something like Kyle Berkshire's move: What do you guys think? Will someone try this? Should it be a legal swing?
  12. Really stalled out here. Haven't had any birdies the last few rounds, and last night was particularly frustrating. Had a league match, and hit 5/9 greens in regulation, which is extraordinarily high for me. Managed to take 11 putts on those 5 holes. The one 3-putt was very bad: got scared of the first putt and left it well short. But the other four holes were all OK putts that just weren't good enough. Tough to have that many birdie looks in nine holes and get nothing from it.
  13. Then we need the TaylorMade Truss driver He doesn't reply to my tweets, though.
  14. This thought came to me recently, and I have no way to test this at all. So I'll throw it out to the crowd for discussion. We often talk about degrees of toe hang in a putter and what that does to the rate of closure, etc. What would be the result of a face-balanced driver? Perhaps the easiest version would be (hang on to your hats) a center-shafted driver. You could also achieve it, I suppose, with weights or some other kind of extended hosel design that accomplishes something like what a double-bend putter shaft does, though I have to imagine that the latter would be immensely difficult to adjust to. But assuming you could make a face-balanced driver, what would it do? Any educated guesses? EDIT: did a little Googling, and this does exist: http://gravitycenteredgolf.com/
  15. Kirke and I walked a quick nine this morning. Here's one of his tee shots: He smashed this drive on a 175 yard par 4, tossed a PW on, and walked off with his par.
  16. Duration: 01:16:18 1:22 - The "Tiny" Golf Industry Secret 37:08 - Tony's infamous "bag of dicks" story 43:09 - Coronavirus impact on equipment sales 1:03:43 - #MyTubSpy: Why don't we see more graphite shafts in irons? Listen Here
  17. Why do you take a practice swing (or swings) before your shot? I had a realization in my last round. For some time, I had largely abandoned taking a practice swing before most full swing shots. Also, my last couple of rounds were plagued with a bad case of the fats. So yesterday, I went back to taking a full practice swing or two, until I was content that I knew where the ground was before I stepped into the shot. It made a significant difference in my ball striking. How about you: what function does the practice swing have in your game?
  18. Having added a Tour Edge hybrid to my bag this season in part based on this previous member review, I'm looking forward to seeing how the updated model performs!
  19. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! It's time to get aligned! We've got a fresh collection of six forum members who'll be getting a new batch of balls with the custom alignment features of Align XL. We've got a mix of guys here: some who use the normal OEM line, some who draw a line (one who admits drawing them freehand at times!), and one who's not a line guy. Let's see how much the big line helps their games! Our testers are: @cjeffs12 @fixyurdivot @scooterhd2 @Mtbryant01 @Nolan220 @twyatt700 Congratulate these guys with me, and we'll look forward to following their reviews in the weeks ahead!
  20. Content from the forum almost never is hidden or deleted, unless the posts are a violation of our forum Moral Code. And we never hide a post simply because it says something negative about a product. The reality is that we rely on the software our forum is built on for the search features. Most of the time, that works just fine. But if there's something I know is on the forum that a normal search isn't finding, I often rely on a Google search instead of the built in search feature. If you wanted to find threads about Game Golf, for instance, in Google, type site:forum.mygolfspy.com "game golf" Only use the quotations marks if you intend to find an exact group of words. The quotation marks here let Google know I'm looking for that exact phrase, and not posts that say, "What do you love about the game of golf?", for instance.
  21. Working off my phone right now, but your review is here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/23652-arccos-vs-shot-scope-v2/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-461581
  22. If you're looking for a very good budget option, let me recommend the component company Diamond Tour Golf: https://www.diamondtour.com/golf-clubs/junior-golf.html This is the same company that makes the well-regarded Sub70 clubs. My son plays regularly, and while I'd love to get him a set of ProdiGs or the US Kids Tour series clubs, the prices are hard to take, knowing that he's likely to only get a single season from a set. The DT clubs have worked very well for Kirke; they're properly weighted for a kid, which obviously matters a ton (and something that not even the name brand OEMs get right, as we learned the hard way with a Cobra boxed set). If you are up for building clubs, you can save even more while getting your kid clubs that are perfectly fitted to him.
  23. Worth saying: the introductory, first week, videos are free on the Tour Striker website. Many of them are useful even if you don't have a PlaneMate, if you are capable of doing drills imagining how the PlaneMate would affect your swing.
  24. GolfSpy MPR

    Callaway golf

    MyGolfSpy has its documented questions with Callaway's golf balls (hopefully rectified by now), but backorders in shipping are widespread in the entire golf industry for the last couple of months for obvious worldwide logistical reasons. Certainly, a shipping delay from March to July is excessive, and I can't speak to those details. But the guys at HQ do some of the best reporting on the state of the golf industry (including their summary of last year's financial report from Callaway, that they netted almost $80 million), and if the demise of the one of the largest OEM's in golf were imminent, I would expect that word would be leaking out by now. Definitely sorry for the inconvenience you've experienced, and I can sympathize with that frustration. But I'm less inclined to accept the speculation about the future of Callaway without a lot more corroborating evidence.
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