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  1. 1. Handicap is 9 and West Chester PA 2. Mizuno JPX900 Forged and 162 yds 3. Not much but see their products on this site and instagram often. Like the combo set of irons and the look of these ones being offered.
  2. 1. Drew Miller, Pennsylvania, 30+ Rounds (Play weekly in the summer) 2. Instagram, Twitter 3. 9 GHIN, 108mph (Driver) 4. TM 2017 M2 9.5, Atmos Black TS 6S at 44.5" | TM 2016 M1 5W (19), Diamana S+ 70S at 42.5" | Mizuno JPX 900 Forged, 4-GW, PX LZ 5.5, 2 deg flat | Cleveland RTX 3 52, 56, 60 all 2 deg Flat 5. F9 Speedback 9 deg, Atmos Black TS 6S at 44.5" | F9 5-6W, Atmos Blue 70S at 42.5" | F9 Traditional 4-GW 2 deg flat, KBS $-Taper Black stiff | King Wedges 52 classic, 56 wide low, 60 versatile all 2 flat in black
  3. 1. Drew - Pennsylvania 2. 9 and ~107 mph 3. Taylormade M2 2017 9.5 - Fujikura Atmos Black 6S 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  4. I used Golfshot up until Christmas when I got Arccos. Nothing is better than the 360. It's seem less and gives you strokes gained on every shot. It tracks distance, fairways, sand shots, putts etc. then you get a break down of handicap per aspect of the game (driving, approach, putting, etc). It also calculates smart distances with each club based on actual gps distances. Well worth the investment. Changed how I practice and look at my own game. You and me and the devil makes three...
  5. I've used Ogio bags for years. Especially the Grom. The zipperless ball pocket, ball silo, woode club management is all top notch. But when switched to walking the majority of my rounds I bought a Cally Hyperlite 3.5 and what a difference. In my opinion, Ogio doesn't have a comparable walking bag in their line up. If you always ride, then they might be for you. You and me and the devil makes three...
  6. Specific golf exercises I do can be found on ForeFitnessGolf on instagram. They include explosive movements with a lot of rotational work/stability. I do golf specific exercises once a week with two other sessions a week with general fitness training. I love the Nike Training Club app and the workouts on there. Deadlifts, bench and squats for strength gains. I subscribe to Tim Ferriss principals of fitness in Four-Hour Body. The chapter on effortless superhuman. It's not really effortless but it's very efficient. I got away from fitness in early 2016 due to a huge home renovation and my ga
  7. Sorry, I guess I have an answer to a question you didn't ask. The answer to buying components vs an assembled driver is it depends. I bought an M1 head for 200 (looks brand new) and an Ahina shaft for 65 shipped. I also have an S+ that I got for around the same price. So, if you go used then yes, it's definitely cheaper. However, if you buy new then there is no question to just buy assembled. Manufactures get big discount on shafts. Both shafts I mentioned would retail new, north of 230 bucks! But in the M1, it would be 399 to buy everything new. So, used if your manufacturer doesn't supply
  8. The Bombtech is a bonded hosel? Right? How much are you going to be pulling the shaft and changing them out? Seems like a lot of work and stress on the shafts. Not sure this is the right move. I have 5 shafts for my M1 that will be given a run up to next season. But it's super easy to swap them out on the range. You and me and the devil makes three...
  9. I just gave up my SLDR 3 wood for an m1 5 wood. I hit the SLDR 3 wood too far (265 - with roll) compared to the Driver (278 - with roll) and the courses I normally play. It was a low spin beast! Paired with a Diamana S+ 70. I also play a diamana S+ 60 in my driver. The SLDR just isn't as forgiving as the M1 and the 5 wood is great off the deck and the tee. Now I finally have a 235 club! Hope this helps. You and me and the devil makes three...
  10. I sell on eBay when nobody on www.golfwrx.com wants my items. They have a buy-sell-trade community that is really great. You also bypass the eBay as corporate overlords. PayPal still gives the buyer protection against fraud. But I have purchased many items on there with no trouble. You and me and the devil makes three...
  11. I play between 25-35 rounds a year. My handicap is currently 12.1 I use an Odyssey Works V-line at 34" with a SS mid slim 2.0. These putters would be great for me since I have been looking at Ping Ketsch putter since reading MSG most wanted posts! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. What a great opportunity and I'd love to be a part of it. Huge fan of Mizuno irons for years now starting with the MX-15s. Drew from West Chester, PA 11 JPX-800 pro Project X Flighted 6.0 2 Flat Yes - 4+ years ago
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