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  1. 1. Falcons 2. 30-27 (57 total) 3. MVP Matt Ryan 4. Penalties: 11
  2. Looks good on you though Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. STAGE 2 Player Intro (repeating from stage 1) · Handicap? (Or average score) I don't keep an official handicap, but guess it would be around 18-20, average score usually a little over 90, maybe high 80's if things are going extremely well. · Strengths of your game? Not sure I really have a big strength, probably chipping and putting if I had to put a label on it. It's part of the game I really enjoy as well. · Weakness of your game? Distance, being older, I can't hit the long ball with the youngin's anymore. I have to make up for it with accuracy, when I'm
  4. Stage One First off, I'd like to thank MGS and TomTom for this opportunity, it is very much appreciated. Upon opening the Fedex envelope, I was greeted by a small, good looking box. I think I expected there to be more, not sure why, I mean, it is a small product after all. Only 3 things in the box, the watch, the charger and manual…what more could you need. One thing about the charger that could be a slight drawback, it is a VERY specific connector, so if you lose it, you will be at their mercy to find a replacement, no going to Walmart and getting a generic one.
  5. very cool looking, like those a lot
  6. Larry Indiana 18 Would like to test this against my old Garmin Approach G5 for accuracy
  7. I don't blame them.....Golf doesn't need the Olympics...they already have multiple events every year, where all of the worlds best players get together
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