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  1. welcome to the forums
  2. I wish the PGA would start letting the tour caddies/pro's use range finders...I think it would speed up the game for TV a bit......I agree w/ many of the other suggestions on here.......I like a drop for a lost ball instead of re-teeing also, the pros have 15 people watching/looking for their ball, I've hit balls many times (especially in the fall w/ leaves on the ground), that were just off the fairway and couldn't be found
  3. I actually didn't realize this, how do you guys go about testing real distances then, except for on the course?
  4. welcome to the forums, good luck on your journey of learning this wonderful game
  5. didn't matter how they were grouped this week, my team stunk it up
  6. Whoops, my bad....my statement stands and I'm not a fan of the pants either...lol
  7. i'm not an old stick in the mud either...i much prefer the more 'athletic' golf shoes, but I just don't get the high tops, has there been a rash of golfers twisting ankles?
  8. Just not a fan of the high top golf shoes....may be generational
  9. my team really stunk it up yesterday, hopefully a couple can turn it around
  10. appears the Costco by me carries it, will pick some up next time I'm in
  11. still a pretty good showing, good luck going forward
  12. enjoyed the first impressions, look forward to the reviews
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