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  1. What about a trade for Taylor Made PSi irons 4-PW with KBS Tour S Flex shafts, +1 inch, 1 degree upright, with Golf Pride New Decade MCC +4 – Black and Blue +1 wrap, logo also face down?
  2. I'm on my 4th shaft with this driver and still can't get things right, frustration doesn't even begin to describe things.
  3. I'm in the minority here, but I really like them and plan on wearing some this fall.
  4. I have the regular version of Game Golf and if I am playing in a group Game Golf adds "unknown shots" if I stop and wait for someone in the group to hit their shot. I have to go back and deleted on average 25 shots per round. Have you had any issues like that with the Game Golf Live?
  5. I started gaming this ball when it was released and haven't looked back since. I'm curious too see how it performs for everyone else.
  6. I was all about these until I saw the price!I thought my custom Lunar 4's were expensive, but WOW the Flynit Elites at almost $300, I'll pass
  7. I have to put on my left golf shoe before my right... little OCD about it lol
  8. What lofts are you finding to work best? I've tried the 440 Flex with the weight for a mid-launch and the loft set at 8.5 and it seems to give me the best penetrating flight. The sound at impact is still tough to get used too.
  9. Chad; Texas 11.3 I tend to flip my hands near impact and when I try to keep my hands in front I tend to hit the turf before the ball, I really need help training myself to hit the ball first and then the ground.
  10. I admit, I'm a huge fan of the Nike line of golf clothes
  11. swing speed: 110-114 (driver) handicap: 10 current ball: Nike Tour RZN Platinum what you look for in a ball: control around the greens and penetrating in windy conditions.
  12. Chad; Dallas, Texas Callaway XR 16 Pro, Fujikura Pro 73 Tour X 110 average, 290 carry
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