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  1. My name is Yves Heye playing handicap 5. I am living in Al Ain in the emirate Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I am currently playing two drivers in two different club sets 1. NIKE Vapor Speed limited edition (Volt color), shaft Fubuki z50 x5ct stiff 2. NIKE Vapor Fly, shaft TENSEI CK series 50 stiff Swingspeed is about 103mph, average carry about 238m or 260yd.
  2. What a great opportunity. Playing Mizunos all my golf life, 27 years now. Would love to test the new clubs. My name: Yves Hometown: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Handicap: 5.4 Current Irons: Mizuno MP4 Schafts: Dynamic Gold S300 Custom fit: Yes, 1" long, 2° upright and midzise grip Thanks MGS and of course Mizuno for that opportunity!
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