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  1. I play about 40 rounds a year, am a 5 handicap, and play an Odessey 2-Ball Thank you
  2. Jay Hinkle Thornton, Colorado 3.0 TaylorMade xFT Wedges 52, 56, 60 Definitely looking to change wedges
  3. Jay Colorado 3.9 Haven't been able to break 80 this year and my handicap is climbing rapidly. I think I am releasing the club too early, am hitting higher than norma ironl shots and have too much head and body movement. I've kinda lost my swing. Please help.
  4. Jay Colorado, United States Cobra Fly-Z+ ACCRA TOUR Z ST (Low Launch) 55 M3 95mph 245 carry
  5. Jay, Denver, Colorado 3.5 Cleveland TA-4s, Rifle Lite, 5.5 Custom Fit I may not be in the handicap range for these irons but as I close in on 50, I'm looking for all the forgiveness and distance I can get. Looking to get Mizunos and as a matter of fact have JPX 850 Forgeds in my shopping cart @golfsmith.com right now.
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