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  1. I have played Exotics, drivers, fairway woods and hybrids for 20 years. I currently carry a 3 Wood, 3 and 5 Hybrids Exotics. Home course, Miami, Florida and Estero, Florida. Now Senior Shafts.
  2. Neal Miami, Florida (don't hold it against me - warm playable winters) Hcp 17 Swing speed - SLOOOOOWWWWW (85 - 88) Current Driver Exotics XCG7 Ping G 400 I need a new driver !!!!!
  3. I am not like you other golfers who seem to think you are one swing away from being pros. I'm 69, overweight, bad back and knees. In short, I am the major population of recreational golfers. I don't have a distance problem except that I want more of it. I read about all of your consistent 250 yard drives, but at the courses where I play, I just don't see it. I play a mixture of private, semi-private and public courses. I have played more than half of the top 100 courses in the US. I don't see that many golfers who obliterate courses with their distance. I quit the USGA because of their blind adherence to a position that refuses to recognize that real amateur golfers (not the top elite golfers which all of you seem to be from your posts) are totally different than pros and elite amateurs. The golf ball companies will continue to make the same balls they do now and simply sell them to people like me who will adapt to an "illegal" ball for our regular games to continue to enjoy golf. The game is frustrating enough. I don't need additional impediments to enjoying a round with friends. For the two to three real tournaments I play a year, I will use a legal ball, but I play for enjoyment, not trophies. All the USGA will accomplish is to make more golfers ignore or willfully break more rules which is the real problem with amateur golf from what I see. 90% plus of the golfers I see don't give a damn about getting the rules right, close or the major rules are enough. Another excuse to really harm golf by encouraging disregard for standards and rules.
  4. Related to why I dropped my USGA membership. The ruling basically says that if you are rich enough to belong to a private club and have a regular caddie, you can get unlimited information and advice. However, if you are a regular person who either belongs to a semi-private club or a public golf club player, you can only have restricted information - distance. The Arccos mimics exactly what a live caddie can do to assist his (or her) player, but if you can't afford a regular caddie who learns everything there is to know about the course and the golfer too bad. Every caddie I have ever met gives extensive advice on club selection, distance, lay up points, putting lines, etc. But if a piece of equipment can replicate that information, it is outside the rules of golf. Elitism by the USGA perpetrates the golf is only for the rich perception and has negatively affected golf participation as shown by current statistics.
  5. Neal E. Farr Miami, Fl. Handicap 17 CBX Irons 5 - PW Smart Sole 3 Wedge - 56 RTX 50* and 60* Wedge Putter - Center shaft preferred - Huntington Beach 6C
  6. I NEED this school. I am 68 and declining in skill, flexibility and talent. I don't want to give up a game I have played my entire life, but at the rate of my loss of golf ability, I will have to. HELP.
  7. Sounds like a potential winner. Really want to try it. Swing speed 87 mph Handicap 19
  8. I play twice a week pretty much all year living in Florida. Approximately 80 - 85 rounds per year. Handicap 16.4 and rising Current putter Scotty Cameron - GoLo I would love to test this putter to see if the hype is real. Anything that helps my game is invaluable.
  9. I have never bought a club, ball, glove, hat, shirt or any other item because some pro is using or playing it. I am an amateur. What a pro uses is totally irrelevant to me or my game. I do not delude myself into thinking I can swing the same way, hit the same distance or play the same game. As far as clothing goes, who cares what someone is given to wear or "designs" for himself as self promotion. As far as My Golf Spy reviews, I find them tainted and thinly disguised shilling for some company or friend of the editor. Although some advice is relevant and often preached elsewhere (i.e. club fitting), I don't really find anything original. The "tests" are really not relevant to the vast majority of readers being based on such a small sample each time. Rarely is there a significant difference discovered or unveiled by the tests. There really aren't any truly unbiased recommendations that are applicable to any particular golfer. There are generalizations which are valid in themselves but not sufficiently applicable to influence my purchasing decisions. The only true mantra is "try before you buy". Each golfer is unique. With the best of intentions, the My Golf Spy tests are indicators at best.
  10. n farr Florida Handicap 18 (actually 14 - driver through putter) Driver - Tour Edge Exotics 3 Wood - Callaway XR Hybrids - 4 & 5 Irons - Titleist AP Wedges - Titleist Putter - old Cameron A real senior who would love to test a cross-over club
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