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  1. I've just had another thought. Apart from opening up the face, do you find sole width makes much of a difference for chips and pitches or is it mainly full shots?
  2. That's a great article thanks, very enlightening. So according to the article I should go for low bounce wedges as I very rarely take a divot, but I believe I've got a steep swing and according to the Vokey website a steep swing should use a high bounce wedge. I'm quite happy with how I hit my current wedges except for the 56 out of bunkers. So I think I'll probably go with the low bounce and hope for the best. I just hate the thought of wasted money so I'm always second guessing myself.
  3. Thanks deejaid great info. Buying new golf equipment is a mine field, I'm always worried that I've made the wrong decision. Even getting fitted is no real guarantee, until you get out on the course and actually use it. At the moment I'm using Cleveland CG 12's two dot. Loft and bounce are 52/10, 56/14, 60/10. The problem I have is the course where I play most, the bunkers are pretty hard, using the 60 is fine but the 56 I have trouble with so I'm guessing the higher bounce could be the problem. Also when not in a bunker I open the 60 up to get over bunkers quite a lot. So I'm not sure
  4. So I've been a little obsessed with wedges lately, but having a very limited budget means I have to spend wisely ( it's hard to get yourself a fully fitted full set for under £100, but I keep trying). So I had a bright idea and thought I'd check out Maltby Wedges and they're actually very reasonably priced, you can get three wedges for the price of one from a major manufacturer. It also turns out that they will construct it for you free of charge, so you don't even need to worry about fiddling around with that. The only thing that has me confused is the bounce angles. On the wide sole the bo
  5. Great review keep us updated how you're getting on with them. So I've been meaning to post this since I first saw these wedges. When I first saw the v sole I was reminded of my old Ping eye 2 plus wedges (except slightly less curved). Now what really got me excited was I loved those wedges. I only had the pw and sw no lob, but from any distance inside full pw length I was going to be pretty close to the pin and also the sw was absolutely amazing out of any type of sand. So my question is does anyone have any experience of both wedges and how they compare, and a second question is if you w
  6. Callaway Special Driver For all special golfers, me included.
  7. I have wondered if more player centric irons would help me improve due to more feedback, but i usually find i know or can feel when I've hit a bad shot, and using GI irons the ball goes somewhere near where I wanted it to go. So all in all I think I would probably score higher and go home more disappointed with my bad shots if I changed style of irons.
  8. I actually prefer a slightly thicker top line, it doesn't feel like there's enough club behind the ball with a thin one, but I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to something new. Even large offset doesn't bother me, my current clubs have got progressive offset and I don't notice going from the one with the most to the one with the least. Or even for that matter going to my old ones. I think I could even play SGI irons and not mind. On a slightly different note I was wondering if anyone had played the JPX EZ forged and the JPX 850 or even if they just knew much about them. As a
  9. Even though some of the MP line could actually be playable (doubtful) for me, my brain just switches off because I don't know which is which. I find the sensible thing to do with beautiful irons is the same as with women, steer clear they're just going to give you a headache some heart ache and cost you dearly. Anyway back on track I wonder what Ping has done to improve the I blade over the previous model.
  10. I don't think they're ugly, but to me they aren't pretty. They don't seem to have any wow factor and I'm quite a ping fan. Then there's the name definitely a turn off if they didn't want to use S why not pick a new letter. Still the naming system is better than Mizuno's MP line, I can't get my head around which iron goes where in that line up.
  11. I haven't seen any of the latest Ping in real life only pics. Are they trying to make them all look similar so you can mix and match sets without them looking odd. If not that's what they should have done you could start with a Gmax long iron and work through the alphabet (G, I, I blade) till you got to gorge wedge. Or obviously start and end where you like i actually think that would be a great idea i wonder would it turn more people onto their brand.
  12. I am super disappointed I really had a good feeling about this. Anyway enough of my self pity congratulations to the lucky ones who were picked and we better have some damn good reviews.
  13. First of all thanks for this great opportunity. My name is Lee I have been lurking in these forums for quite a while now and this has gave me the push to actually register. I live in Liverpool, England, about a 45 minute drive from Royal Birkdale which is not just a Mizuno Fitting Centre, it's an all singing Performance Centre. Which is on my shortlist of places when I actually do get fit for new irons. I play to an 18.0 handicap which should really be lower. I play twice a week but don't practice although I should because I have plenty of spare time that I waste. My current irons are Adam
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