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  1. I'm really surprised there is not already an annual joint event. Golf is promoted as a sport where any ability, and length, can be competitive. Courses are already set up for women to fairly play against men. This should have happened by now for sure!! I think it would be a huge draw card for the fans too!! I know I'd watch!
  2. Hmm, question; Do you feel it was the stand out color and the tapering edges that really helped here? Because if not, the same effect can be gained with about 6 or 8 tees in parallel lines, surely?
  3. I have been playing my Pings for 4 years now, and plateaued at 8. I keep being told I need to upgrade my irons to step up. I have hit a few different irons at the pro shop, but nothing has stood out so far. I keep hearing about Mizuno, and really keen to give them a try. Darren Hill - Sacramento Handicap 8 Currently playing Ping G20s, CFS Regular - but want to switch to stiff They were not custom fit.
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