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  1. Antonio Tomball, TX (North Houston area) handicap: 6.7 index I struggle casting and doing a lot of weird stuff with my hands to stave off the pull hook. Sometimes it takes several holes and on occasion several rounds before I can work myself out of the bad shots. I think if this club forces you to use proper body mechanics in order to hit a decent shot, it will eventually help build a consistent swing and improve ball striking. If Jason Day, Sergio Garcia, Henrik Stenson, and Justin Rose (arguably some of the best ball strikers on tour presently) use it to practice, then surely it ca
  2. Antonio J - Tomball (North Houston), TX Handicap - 6.7 index I struggle from time to time casting and it sometimes takes me several holes (sometimes several rounds) to work my way out of it. I think a club that won't allow you to do this and forces you to have proper body mechanics will promote a more consistent swing and improve ball striking overall. Besides if Jason Day, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, and Henrik Stenson arguably some of the greatest ball strikers on tour presently use it then I'd be an idiot as an amateur mid handicapper not to give it a try.
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