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  1. I would love to be able test the Ping G700 Irons, My handicap is 22
  2. Mark (50) Gallitzin, Pennsylvania Bugaboo - Inconsistent iron shots, hitting fat, hitting thin, it's one or the other and not that sweet one we all want.
  3. I know that is a late edition to this post, but I can rant if i want to right. My experience with Krank Golf has been nothing but miserable. The first Driver i bought from them lasted 4 rounds until the head cracked. I had to pay to send it back myself, then got told, it cracked because i hit too far toward the toe. Really, that's your excuse, regardless, i had to buy another driver because of Krank's wonderful reputation with speedy shipping and all, 2 months later i get my new driver and while undoing the plastic, the head popped off, yep, not a drop of glue. had to send it back again. g
  4. I would love to test these clubs First name and home town: Mark Delaney, Gallitzin, PA Handicap: 20 Current irons/shafts: Titleist AP1 716/ True Temper XP 115 Steel Custom Fit – yes or no: Yes
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