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  1. I call them "stimulators" and "swing ruiners" LOL I always end up waayyy overswinging and it takes me weeks to find my "real" swing in the spring. Smashing balls into a movie screen does nothing for my feelfor the game...Having said that if someone wanted to install a 15k simulator in my basement as a Xmas present I wouldn't be upset about it!
  2. Hi everyone! Love this website and am making the jump to introduce myself.. my name is Zac. I have been playing since Granpa cut some clubs down for me when i was 6-7 sooo that would make it about 40 years! Yikes! My handicap is 3.4 as of the the end of the season in MN, but I can tell you after 3 rounds in Phoenix a couple weeks ago you can double that right now..Always happy to break 80 which I do pretty consistently.I love the personal struggle that golf is and how to handle it."golf IS life" Also the social aspects of meeting new people and most of my life long best friends are regulars in our foursomes..As a professed gearhead i love MGS as a place to read reviews from your average golfer..and I do know a couple fellow spies. From Minnesota born and mostly raised. My home course is Blackberry Ridge Golf Club in Sartell,MN where I am the assistant superintendent so that takes care of the "what i do for a living" part.. truly the greatest job in the world minus digging up irrigation leaks...The best part about MN golf is we can grow the most amazing bentgrass anywhere in the country..the worst part is it only grows for about 6 month of the year if we are lucky..haha User name? one step backward one step forward..
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