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  1. On 3/11/2020 at 3:23 PM, Hecaviator said:

    With regard to the last question to Chris about growing the game. We all know that young people have to get into golf or it will slowly die. Last summer I think I saw the future that will save golf. It will engage youngsters, but it will also change the game. It was in Campbell River, B.C., Canada of all places.

    I read about that place somewhere (maybe Golf Advisor?) .. yeah, it does sound very cool and like a LOTTA fun! Agree with you that it very well may represent the near term future of golf. I'd totally go to a place like that if there were one near me.

    Off-topic, re: OEM interviews, but inline with the above - 
    Two winters ago my wife and I traveled to a spot in Texas that had completely rebuilt their practice area .. to include the same type of bays at Campbell River - covered, heated, plus overhead fans and with comfy wrap-around bench seating along with a full TopTracer range setup in each, which lets you play TopGolf-like games and also simulated course play. There was a fully-loaded snack bar adjacent with a selection of adult beverages, too. They'd also expanded the putting green and added mounds and inclines and slopes to allow several people at once to work on all kinds of putts - way better, imho, than the "standard" mostly flat practice greens.

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