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    12 minutes ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    That’s a great memory. Looks like it was a fun time. Not many things beat work rounds picked up by the boss.  I hope you guys still get together from time to time. 

    It really was, thx! Yeah, that course ain't cheap .. even then it was like a hundo per head..!

    But as things go, only still in touch with Steve (plaid shorts) ......


    31 minutes ago, Kenny B said:


    Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

    From the warming up pic, I can see why you can't hit your driver!!!

    Just for grins and giggles... I hit my first golf ball on a course 30 years ago.  I was in California on a business trip, and on Sunday the guys I worked decided to play golf.  There were 7 of them; I was asked to fill out the two foursomes.  I was there with my ex-wife and it was our first anniversary... I thought about it and said SURE.  😀

    It was, thx! That warning up pic - Steve was playing outing photog and actually said to me: "Give me a good golf pose" 😄😝🤣

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