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  1. LW: Thx for that list; am going to review for myself! Kinda parallel to PlaidJacket's comment about pro players, I find it a bit .. uncomfortable? .. that too many am's don't really know the rules... (or pretend not to know when it's to their benefit ....) I always play by a super-simplified 'cliff notes' version: • Play the ball as it lies • Play the course as you find it • Do not touch nor move the ball between the tee and the green But am also studying the cases that cover hazards, lost ball, where it's legal to take a drop, etc. etc. Thanks again!
  2. Are any 'average' players in this forum using these?? And have you had similar successes? I'd demo'ed these over the Winter and loved loved loved the smooth feel and solid hit but told myself I wasn't quite ready for them.... Glad to hear positive vibes from the strong players!
  3. Not an official tester review -- went out and purchased a Crossover for myself, and so far ... love it!!! I'm right in their target buyer category: cannot hit long irons well and do not like short hybrids. # Club Got the 5 to replace 5i, with stock graphite shaft (regular). Had it shortened -1/2" (I'm only 5' 7" and hand to floor measure also short), and lie -1* flat (irons are -2* flat). Helpful guy at store also added lead tape to get swingweight back up to spec. Grip is +2 wraps. # Fit In retrospect the lie change may have been premature - I seem to be hitting this with a more pronounced fade vs. my irons. Also not sure about the lighter Alta 70 shaft - I may be happier with the slightly heavier AWT they offer but I was being impulsive and grabbed what they had off the rack .. instead of trying another store and demo'ing the other shaft. May take it to a fitter and have it re-checked. # Background The Bad: Only started playing 7 years ago - at 53 - and lost big chunks of that time to work or life (or both) exigencies. Although fitness and health are excellent, suffer from some structural issues that compromise ability to operate at 100% (severe cervical and moderate lumbar subluxations, a bit of stenosis and a bunch of arthritis; worn-out hip joints with a labrum tear on the left side - and I'm a right-handed golfer...). So... wish I had started playing younger so I'd be more comfortable with, and more proficient with, long irons. Love hitting irons and wedges; love the approach shots and the short game. The good: Realized early on I'd have to overcome size and mobility limitations with good technique. Am a "good study" and took some lessons early on, attended some short game clinics, watched videos and read books and magazines, and practiced practiced practiced. Had a coaching session recently with a friend who's a pro player and that has really helped me move up to another level in ball-striking. Try to improve each time I go out! # Looks As others mentioned, it is larger and thicker vs. irons but to me most prominent at address is the face - a very noticeable large flat area. But on the proverbial other hand that provides a larger overall hitting surface, giving me a bit more confidence as not all my strikes are dead center sweet spot # Playability I've not been able to play a lot yet this year (stupid hip injuries, but been doing PT and feel ready) but have had success with this club... - off the tee - off the fairway and, - out of light-to-moderate rough For me, out of the not-really-heavy rough is a strength of this club - the wide, rounded sole gives me confidence that I won't dig the face and will be able to connect properly with the ball. I think designing anything ends up often being a compromise between competing 'optimization' factors, and for me this seems to be a great compromise between getting an iron down onto the ball and getting a hybrid through the rough. As mentioned above a lot of my shots seem to be more a fade than I'd like or I usually hit, but then the past several weeks I've also had major bad pain in the right elbow and forearm so I'm telling myself that I just cannot roll over the right forearm thru the strike strongly enough (ha ha yeah sure....). For distance, not sure of yardage yet as again haven't played nor practiced enough since getting it, but do know I can very comfortably hit it waaaaaay past - AND closer to intended target - vs. my 5i. As far as workability, I am not there yet with my swing but am starting to work on this. I feel like I will be able to use this club to hit slight fades and slight draws, which if I can start to do consistently will be very very happy with. That is, I'd use it on shorter tee shots to [try to!] hit the fairway in the intended area, and on longer approach shots where I'd feel I have a good chance of using this club to hit it onto (or very near) the green. # Bottom Line If you are at all intrigued by it and like irons more than hybrids - find a store and demo it.
  4. YES - excellent clarification: looking at the point you want to putt to; ie. either hole or spot/target.
  5. Hi - under "19th Hole" started new topic "Putting - do you look at the hole?" and thought the first instance of "post New Topic" had failed ... so I re-did it... Can you (admin) delete the older one (edited to read "(Ooops...)"? Thx!!
  6. For me, I've been looking at the hole almost exclusively while practicing ... and find that it helps me... a. smoooth out my stroke, and even out my tempo b. ingrain better feel for distance control; ie. lag proximity I focus on setup while addressing and looking at the ball, and try to keep my stance square and still, then rotate my view to the hole ... keeping the feel of the "rehearsal" strokes in my arms and body. Have not fully translated this into play, but use the technique more often on longer putts - including from the fringe - to help with that first putt / lag attempt.
  7. All: Wanted to break out the discussion (somewhere, cannot find it right now) about putting while looking at the hole, a la Jordan Spieth. Do you - intentionally, not "peeking" - look at the hole while putting... Always Shorter putts (e.g. from inside say 6 - 8 ft or so)Shorter but only sometimes Longer putts (outside of say 20 ft and more)Longer but only sometimes NEVAH (dammit)!!! If you do, do you find it has helped your... Make percentage Accuracy Stroke technique Lag proximity other? Thanks!!!
  8. Hi - so I understand this correctly: the penalty was using a tee in the drop zone; ie. a player must take a drop (inside the DZ)? Thx.
  9. Ha... I like to (half-) joke my handicap is FIVE ... 1. Woods 2. Hybrids 3. Irons 4. Wedges 5. Putter ;-)
  10. Yeah! - looking fwd to your's and the others' reviews ... I've given up the 3-wood - for now? - and am very curious to hear some real-world experiences with the XR16. Hit 'em long and straight! ;-)
  11. Hi! • Chuck from NY • 18 (and dropping 👍) • 6i FYI: for the 5i am playing the Ping Crossover .. really like it and have been considering adding the 4 and maybe also the 3 (replacing hybrids). Would love the opportunity to compare and contrast the Ft Worth Hi vs. the Ping :-) Thx!
  12. Looks like OffPrice clears out manufacturers' over-runs and close-outs; so I guess you'd have to check current merchandise from time to time but def good deals if they have something you're looking for. There was also a Tour Striker training wedge (56*) for $40.
  13. Joey East Coast: Great narrative! And great initial review (@... http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/15995-official-forum-member-review-cobra-king-f6-irons/?p=206703). Although I also only have limited use so far of my set (6i-GW), totally agree with your assessments about the 6i thru PW but especially the GW - just so easy to hit nicely!!! I believe it's a bit lighter vs. most traditional wedges by 1/2 swingweight - D2 vs D2.5 (is that right?) - and for me, at a much less than pro-standard 5'7"/157lbs (but fit), it feels 'right'. You'd mentioned about the transition between "models" in the set - cannot speak to 5i vs 6i but can going from 6i/7i half-hollow to 8i-PW cavity-back: yes, there is a noticeable difference. I understand this will not appeal to many players but for me - in the GI-but-improving-rapidly-but-not-yet-playah category - the forgiveness / 'help' is the benefit I'm looking for to help me with my game. Here's an illustration.... I feel like I'm improving each time I go out, and my technique has unquestionably progressed, but .... last time I played I hit the 7i off a tee that goes 150-ish (from the tees that day) into a 90-degree dogleg right, guarded by a very tall old oak. I've seen guys try drivers, hybrids, etc. over the tree but they pretty much all catch it... Anyway, my shot went straight into the middle of the dogleg, with a very slight fade at the finish, to catch the downhill slope towards the green - SWEET! Have not hit that shot like that previously. Ever. The second shot - which according to the unwritten rules of golf, after an awesome tee shot should be a complete and utter duff/hack/sloppy failure - was 156 out, with a smallish pretty flat green a few feet lower than my lie but also into a light, steady breeze. Took the 7i again, ball very slightly below my feet, and ... hit the freakin' green right next to the freakin' flag!!! Balll bounced and rolled a bit, but was still on the green! (Yea me ;0 !!). So yeah - so far I'm a fan of the "progressive" engineering!
  14. Ha, yeah - "w-o-r-k" is a four-letter word...! Rev: If you find yourself on Long Island, NY - lemme know! Bought a set and LOVE 'em!! Oh (duh), PS: Hope to soon contribute an actual [descriptive] review; have not actually gotten to play all that much yet since getting them .. still recovering from muscle and ligament tears / strains.... But... briefly, based on a few shots playing an "easy" 6 holes last Sunday - I am hitting these much more consistently (mishits are still mishits but way tighter dispersion on the good hits) and, yes, much further - at least one club at the lower end (GW, PW) scaling up to TWO clubs for the mid-irons (7i, 6i; fyi: my 5 is a Ping Crossover). * Also need to mention that I changed to steel shafts in the F6s (still R flex), so that prob enhances the distance a bit, too.
  15. Hi! Chuck from NY (Huntington, on Long Island) 18 - 20 (my own calc's; not USGA nor GHIN) Callaway Big Bertha / Fubuki z50 graphite; Regular (the one with sliding rear weight; stock shaft) 95-97 mph (so I would be the "NOT" Pro model) * Thanks to MGS, and their generous sponsors, for all these great opportunities for real-world testing of new gear!!! I've been intrigued by the XR16 and it's promises of "maximum forgiveness"........
  16. Yes!! Lie angle and shaft length (and type) have much greater effects on ball flight - suggest getting fitted, or if you already have, maybe re-fitted (and maybe somewhere else?). Grip size does have an effect, but less compared to other factors ... almost more about comfort / what feels best in your hands. *As others mentioned: which allows you to grip and swing with the proper grip pressure?
  17. Ya know I bet the older dog in that pair still got some game!! Are you able to ride along with a friend and then just chip from greenside and putt? No, not the same but you're out on the course on a nice day... My father-in-law, almost 80 but in really poor health after battling different cancers and lung conditions starting basically half his life ago, gave it up a few years ago ... and he misses it... Does still get to his club once in a while to have lunch with a few other remaining old-timers; call themselves the "ROMEOs" = Retired Old Men Eating Out
  18. Yeah, this was interesting and informative to me; feel the subjective comments are more useful than just compression and spin rate numbers. I'm a slightly better than average player, based on what I observe every time I'm on the course or at the range, and don't feel that I'm 'there yet' to fully differentiate between balls of a similar type. So, for the time being, am using the Duo ... seems to be a good combo for me of feel and value. Well, mostly using the Duo, depending on what else is still in my bag or I find on the course (yeah I know I've been told you shouldn't mix golf balls of different brands and different types...).
  19. Rev: glad to hear you are sooooo happy with these, and that your game is also improving .. nice!! Thx for review and commentary .. I'd come very very close to purchasing these... Mentioned elsewhere I'd demo'ed like a dozen different clubs, then got a 3-club tester set from Wilson (you rent for two weeks for $9.95 and then ship 'em back w/pre-paid return label) and then went back to the store for a quick "re-test / confirm" vs two other contenders - JPX-EZ Forged and XR (regular not OS) - when the helpful store rep handed me one of the new Cobra King F6... So I guess once you find your proper category - I'm also in the GI but tending toward better "crossover" category (and def not in the SGI and not .. yet ;-) ?? .. a "playah") - you really should keep shopping/testing until one separates itself from the others and 'feels right'.
  20. Ha! If I'm lucky enough ;-) to lag the first one close my running joke on any green is: "Oh, I can 3-putt from there!"
  21. Undershooter: Great explanation; thx - now I understand a little more of what's going on.
  22. Question: Being relatively new to the game, and not having played in any tournaments myself, I guess I don't understand some of the nuances of "course setup". I get that for pro tourneys, and big ones in particular, there is a certain minimum standard of quality they look to achieve. But, at the proverbial end of the day... 1. Given no major weather change intra-day, aren't all contestants playing under relatively similar conditions? And, 2. Given that golf really is an outdoor game, aren't you supposed to 'play the course as you find it'?
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