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  1. 110% agree. There's a VA not too far away from me that has a great little 9 hole course on the grounds. I volunteered there for several seasons; a few of the other vols are vets of "different abilities" (yeah the PC term). Needless to say *ALL* vets are welcome to play, alongside the regular public, though I've only seen one service dog the times I've been there. She .. beautiful Black Lab .. was part of the America's Vet Dogs program and there to socialize in a new environment. And of course the course owners / managers had absolutely zero problem letting her accompany her handler (who was riding). Also another muni near me has a Stand Up & Play cart (donated to the course) and if that golfer has a service dog they'll let it accompany them.
  2. Rob / Mr. CG2 - My truly sincere sympathies...... Your description and memories of her are WONDERFUL!!!! Hang on to those! I can also empathize with you watching the struggle with dementia ..... I had to watch my father, who used to be fit and outgoing and a quick wit and a kind word for everyone ... waste away bit by bit by bit over a period of almost 13 years. Awful awful AWFUL AWFUL awful disease.......
  3. I'm with the majority and would enjoy seeing any well-behaved dog on the course .. with a responsible owner. To ask the flip side of the OP's question, though - and I guess as was mentioned earlier it's covered under the ADA - but can someone be excluded from playing on a golf course because they require their service dog to be with them to assist them if/ when need be..? Just tossing out a thought..... some people require a riding cart to be able to play - would taking a service dog really be any different?
  4. * Tip re: goose poop * Look online for "shower caps" in bulk .. they're just about the right size to cover the wheels! .. makes cleaning them after the round much easier.
  5. Me too, and also loving it! Very stable and durable; reasonable weight and folded size.
  6. Well this afternoon I practiced being a plow horse .. pushing the (mechanical, not motorized) aerator up and down and all across our pretty large yard. This evening I'm practicing testing some tasty craft brews (yeah yeah I know there's a separate thread for that but that's what I'm practicing!)... "Huntington Harbor Hoppy" aka H3 from the local brewery. One of my all time faves! And during the current, umm, "situation" they're offering curbside pickup and delivery!!! This follows a Dogfish Head 75 Minute, which will then be followed up by a Six Harbors XPA - their version of a cross between a pale ale x an IPA. See -- good practicing, right?
  7. Looks nice .. go get it dirty! ..just as soon as we can get back out that is......
  8. Nice!! If you have a fairly recent stand bag it may fit into the molded top bracket such that you don't need the top strap at all ("Top Lok" they call it).
  9. Sounds good; lots of online stores offering discounts .. eg. got an email from Rock Bottom Golf showing a sale on pushcarts.
  10. Great! See if you can get someone to let you push theirs for a test .. I think you will like the difference. You still get a workout but the round is much easier on your back and shoulders.
  11. Hope your experience mirrors mine = the more I use it, the more I like it!
  12. Two quick pics of OW and GF... The GF is ~3/4" longer. Haven't looked at the specs on each website, but they seem to be about the same total weight. My GF is a few years old, so don't know if they're still using the same grip but I like the wrap on the OW better. Bend / Flex... (Had my lovely assistant helping here ) With the butt ends of the grips lined up, and about 14" from the edge of the counter, you can see that the OW beers more / is "flexier". Also, no pic but holding them side by side and pushing down the bend/flex point of the OW is much closer to the head; on the GF it's more middle. *** Also and Important: * Check the counterbalance ball at the butt end EVERY TIME you pick it up .. or use thread lock .. there's a notice somewhere on the OW website with serial number ranges where that ball may come unthreaded....!
  13. So unfortunately everything kinda "on hold" now, but will be working on a set of drills I've compiled from my lessons to date. In a quick bit of good news, the last two times I was able to get out and play I've felt like some of the good swing changes are slooooowly starting to creep their way into my on-course swing. Sometimes... Not really scoring hugely better (yet?) .. and still (always!) need more work on the short game .. but I can see that my misses are coming in closer to the intended target and are not as erratic as in previous seasons. Progress!
  14. Yes, I definitely use alignment sticks in practice - tho mine are old sail battens, which are flat (so tend to stay put better vs round!). One way I use them in practice .. to help with one of my major swing flaws in not fully shifting my weight forward - is to lay it perpendicular to the target line and between my feet, closer to the front foot and even with (pointing at) the ball. Then after you swing, freeze and slowly look down to check where your hips / weight center is - ie. behind, even with, or in front of the marker? I also use them for alignment as I have a tendency to set up open to my target line. I don't think it's been been mentioned in here but another method is to set up a "T" with one marker down your target line and one perpendicular from your ball position. I really like the idea above of laying down an intermediate target line marker - gonna try that!
  15. If anyone is interested in used TaylorMade M6 clubs, Club Hub is selling off sets and individual clubs....... https://proshop.clubhub.com Club condition is rated: Gold, Silver, Bronze
  16. Tony, all - IMHO, and in a nutshell, the main differences I see are... Gold Flex -- #1. better for building strength (including grip and forearm) and stretching the swing muscles 2. also functions as a swing training aid Orange Whip -- #1. better as swing training aid .. most especially for rhythm and tempo 2. also functions to stretch and strengthen 3. easier to one-hand for us less-than-TheRock type dudes The counterbalance at the butt end of the OW is really the "magic sauce" - the underlying idea is if you're swinging on-plane and in-rhythm the whole club feels "lighter". I'll try to get a few pics to add to show them side-by-side (today was miserable and wet and partly snowy even!).
  17. Oh yeah -- great point!! We'll have to see if Monte may be willing to add a whole new date in his calendar as a replacement for this group..? Otherwise, Kenny, what are you thinking as far as re-scheduling?
  18. @CamDeen -- There's another really good discussion of the ShotScope V2 at... It turned into a long topic, so a lot to read, but there is a LOT of good info in there on the product along with people's experiences with it while playing .. take a look!
  19. Another ER5 user here .. seems to be working well for me! Someone mentioned "balanced" earlier and that was the exact word that hit me when I went into a store to try it out. Very happy with its overall performance.
  20. cksurfdude


    Bubba (on left) comes for a visit and some tug, fetch and chase time!
  21. Got this from a buddy in NYC....
  22. Yeah, we're all still in wait and see mode....... As of today the Irvine clinic is still on, but - I've cancelled this trip and contacted Monte who said he'd work with people to arrange alternate dates ... so there's a remote possibility I might see you there.
  23. Well... if anyone's been watching the news .. anyone? lol .. CA announced a state-wide shutdown so it's not looking like this particular clinic is gonna happen at this time. Have not yet heard anything further from Monte. But chatted on the phone with Kenny earlier and mentioned I'm thinking of "calling it" and canceling - he said he may lean that way, too, as he's pondering the logistics of driving down with everything closed.... BUT... on the bright side .. maybe if this does get re-scheduled to a time that works not just for Kenny and I but also for @mr.hicksta and for @dlow206 -- that could be really fun!!
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