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  1. Chuck / Long Island, NY Lo 90s (and slowly improving) shooter; no official handicap Apex CF16 140 - 150 (dispersion not the irons' fault )
  2. ..it's five o'clock somewhere... Plus, very important - it's not drinking alone if the dog is with you
  3. My wife is a teacher and, of course, her school is currently closed and they've sent out a study plan for the kids to work on at home. And so, of course, some clever "home school" jokes are being passed around including... "There was trouble at school today - two kids got suspended for fighting and one teacher got fired for drinking on the job."
  4. Lo 50s, mostly clear, only a very light breeze -- golfing weather! But not surprisingly, EVERYONE had the same idea ... all the courses in the area were summertime crowded! Checked early but no tee times until after 3 pm! Craazeee. So wife (home from school for two weeks) and I opted for a Par 3 not too far away that sort of winds thru the trees on the "inside" of the main course. Has some up- and downhill shots, overhanging branches, drop-offs into the woods behind the holes, etc to make it all visually interesting and challenging. Holes range from 85 to 160 yds. Started off ok enough tho a 3-putt bogey after landing on the back-right fringe, but next bunch of holes all my tee shots seemed to be landing short-right (the opposite of the other day's all lefts). May be a face-open at impact issue but .. despite current situation .. scheduled another Golftec lesson for next week. So I was doing a lot of scrambling and ending up with a lot of bogeys. Kinda got it back by #7 and #8 which I both parred; had a chance to on #9 but I putted from off the green when I shudda chipped - didn't look carefully enough and ball was actually sitting down in a little bit of a hole, so it just kinda bounced out and went nowhere..... Live & Learn! (I hope!!!)
  5. Not surprisingly, we received the following from Monte.... --- Message from Monte Scheinblum: Hello, I know there is a lot going on right now, but I wanted to touch base about our scheduled clinic for April 4th-6th. I am following the news regarding the rapidly changing guidance and restrictions in regards to COVID-19. It is obviously very likely that we will need to reschedule our April clinic. For now, I'm in a holding pattern and monitoring this situation as it unfolds. If we do reschedule, I am 100% committed to finding dates that work for all of you, including rescheduling some of you on different dates as a part of other Irvine clinics as needed. For now, stay safe and understand that I will be in touch soon. ---
  6. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't want my kid to carry .. everything I've read indicates the weight stress is relatively larger on younger, undeveloped musculoskeletal systems.....
  7. Got another email this morning, Rock Bottom -22% sale extended thru midnight 3/18!! @Kanoito -- they have a few junior carts you can look at online, but you'll have to check on shipping co$t to you. https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/search.php?search_query=push+golf+carts
  8. If anyone is thinking of adding a cart.... I've seen several emails from online stores with current sales... today / St Patty's Day *ONLY* RockBottomGolf is offering -22% off any single item!! https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/search.php?search_query=push+golf+carts
  9. I did play yesterday but it was a relatively chilly, and so very uncrowded, day. I'd certainly like to keep playing but will respect closures if/as they happen. I prefer to walk, and play my "own game" as it were, and was leaving the flagstick in before the new rule anyway (I don't maintain a handicap). In the meantime I'm also of the camp to take sensible precautions to protect yourself and to safeguard others - and to be wary of those few who are not so courteous and careful..... There was a point earlier about Italy's healthcare system being overwhelmed - imho a very valid point, but ... I'd hope and expect that in general the facilities here in the States are magnitudes of order "better" and now, hopefully, better prepared (sorry Italy .. I still love you and your food and your country and your people!). But do very much agree about the heightened risk to the healthcare workers themselves!
  10. Agree! I also enjoy watching those .. really like the "old days" stuff; also find it interesting to note the conditions of the courses vs now.
  11. Lo 40s, chilly breeze, grey skies .. golfing weather! (NO - I'm not Scottish ) Played a short course 9 and correctly assumed there'd be almost no one out; got around at a casual pace in less than 90 minutes .. including hitting a second approach shot a few times and extra putting practice on several holes. Nice to be out when it's like that, with no waiting / standing around. Anyway... Typical round = some good + some needs more work. Usually my tee shots fade, or occasionally slice, right but today was all Lefts??!!?? Most of them ended up playable, except for that one that went just a wee bit OB (left). But then hey that particular shot was flying high and long! (See me digging out the positive there? Been married to an optimist for too long ). Started with a 3-putt bogey and thought "hmmm maybe I should start tracking this round?" and, of course, proceeded to immediately TRIPLE the two next holes. D'OH! Did manage two Pars on what are often some of the more difficult holes, for me, on that course - go figure! In general every part of my game today was just a little off .. but actually not too terribly horribly so, so I'll give it an overall "OK".
  12. Nice going!! But I think what we all want to really know is... Who "won" at the 19th Hole at Mulligan's??
  13. I read about that place somewhere (maybe Golf Advisor?) .. yeah, it does sound very cool and like a LOTTA fun! Agree with you that it very well may represent the near term future of golf. I'd totally go to a place like that if there were one near me. Off-topic, re: OEM interviews, but inline with the above - Two winters ago my wife and I traveled to a spot in Texas that had completely rebuilt their practice area .. to include the same type of bays at Campbell River - covered, heated, plus overhead fans and with comfy wrap-around bench seating along with a full TopTracer range setup in each, which lets you play TopGolf-like games and also simulated course play. There was a fully-loaded snack bar adjacent with a selection of adult beverages, too. They'd also expanded the putting green and added mounds and inclines and slopes to allow several people at once to work on all kinds of putts - way better, imho, than the "standard" mostly flat practice greens.
  14. Those guys played at my high school prom ..... that's how ooooold I am!!!
  15. Great idea, but.... she's probably growing too quickly and will outgrow them before she can wear them out!
  16. Hey, sorry, forgot to get back to you on this.... as it ended up, I was not loving them enough vs current set to justify changing. Yes - it was longer than my current 7i, BUT .. and not to open up this well-discussed can of worms .. the EXS 7i is more alike to my current 6i .. against which it was about the same in ball flight and distance. Plus, I think the stock shaft was a touch heavy for me, so I'd need to go for a fitting to test shafts; also the hollow body, of course, is much louder at impact and .. imo .. had a harsher feel on off-center hits. But it was a worthwhile test! (..may go to a store and try the EXS 220h and the Launcher UTX)
  17. Played 9 two days in a row (taking advantage of some Spring-like days, and now am taking a few days off to rest these aging muscles and joints!) and had a mix of good, or at least playable, shots along with those "oh yeah that still needs some more work" ones... Which overall is improvement, I think, over those rounds where it's been pretty much all a struggle; I feel like I'm starting to learn where to try to hit the ball coupled with starting to (emphasized) being able to execute on that. First day was a Par 3 where each hole is a scaled-down recreation of a famous Par 3; for example, the third hole here is the Augusta #12 (here it's a pond in front) and the ninth is the TPC Sawgrass #17 island hole (with a bailout area along the right side). Yeah I know it's all in my head but these two holes, well .. get in my head... I usually duff it and splash. So this time I played, uhhh, "smart" and just pitched off the tee each hole to about 50 yards out. Can you guess what happened next?? ....yep: we still got some work to do on that..........! Second day was opening day at a short 9-hole course nearby. Again, some good shots and then some "oops" ones. For example, starting off hit a decent 6i but then thinned the (PW) approach; hit a good-enough chip on (tho slightly left of my spot) and left the uphill/sidehill putt with literally half the ball hanging over the edge of the cup (Winter Rules Par! ). Then on the sole Par 5 I topped the tee shot (Winter Rules Mulligan!) and then nailed the do-over; hit a good second to the 100 yd layup and a good enough approach to hit the uphill green; then a really good lag putt to within a few inches. Had some other good golf shots but that flew a little bit right or left of the intended line .. still always working on alignment, of course, along with face and path issues .. but I think my biggest problem, that I'm still struggling with after years of working at this game, is hanging back at impact. Anyway, continuing with my lessons and practice and am feeling positive about making real progress as we move into the "regular" season!
  18. Love that image!!! And just wanted to add.. last time I played, and had a really good round, my swing thought / game plan was "The Brooks Koepka (caveman style) School Of Golf" = See ball, Hit ball, Go To ball, Repeat.
  19. cksurfdude

    river snow2

    Great pic! I can get my Flat Coat to jump *straight up* when I throw snow above his head!
  20. Downhill Par 3s are an interesting challenge, to figure out the adjusted distance to hit!
  21. cksurfdude


    Great photo .. very cool lighting effect from the sky!
  22. Do you have a coach or a good pro you trust to take a look at your swing? Could be something simple...
  23. It really was, thx! Yeah, that course ain't cheap .. even then it was like a hundo per head..! But as things go, only still in touch with Steve (plaid shorts) ......
  24. It was, thx! That warning up pic - Steve was playing outing photog and actually said to me: "Give me a good golf pose"
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