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  1. We had an unusually calm, clear, sunny and warm(-ish .. 50*) day here (in NY) yesterday .. so I went out in the morning for a long paddle (SUP). Got back home and my wife was done with her "homework" .. marking report cards .. and we decided to go out and take advantage of the beautiful day and golf. Being a holiday week, we opted for one of the Par 3s a short drive away. The wind had picked up a little bit but it was only a minor factor when hitting straight into it; the bigger problem was the low angle of the afternoon winter sun and the glare. Being winter and all (and having already exercised my back and arms!) decided to go with just wedges, putter and an 8i. Hit the ball fairly decently ... excepting, of course!, for the few times I did not... Those times yielded me a double, a triple and a (gulp) quad. Man, gotta get those kinda holes under better control..... I also needed two tries (dammm) to get out of each of the two bunkers I dropped into, and splashed twice .. on the same two holes I often do... But on the bright side I made a few pars, a few "easy" bogeys where my par putt grazed the edge of the cup and even one birdie! That was on an uphill hole, plays about 130 (with elevation), with trees overhanging left blocking the line to the blind green, a deep bunker in front, and also trees right. There is a bailout area to the right of the green. Hit the 8i just soldily enough to carry to the front edge and bounce onto the green. Got up there to find I had a not too-long (8-10ft?) not too hard-breaking putt .. and nailed it (yea!).
  2. Kind of feel similarly. Probably they're working on it, as they include user feedback into their development queue; it would also be nice to see some software-related improvements .. eg. they mentioned they improved the GPS accuracy (a complaint of mine) and also better data visualization / presentation, as discussed in the V2 review thread. But ultimately my own biggest gains will continue to come from improving my swing, and on-course confidence, and strengthening my course management.
  3. Good info, thanks! I first heard of the WHOOP on The GC, actually, on a segment with Scott Stallings .. who swears by it as a big help in his own physical makeover. For me, though, while a good feature is the sleep monitoring I'm not into adding yet another monthly subscription to my personal overhead; I'd look around for another sleep-dedicated device.
  4. If you can, try to get someone to capture video of you making swings and mark each one with where you thought your "feel" was .. when you review it can help you correlate the "feel vs real". I've been taking a series of lessons where they always video you; at first I didn't even wanna watch it (ughleeeee!) but now I'm understanding the insights and visual reinforcements the vid clips can give you.
  5. I think this is key -- what was _your_ proximity to _your_ target (on any and all shots)? (me: I'm rarely going at pins; more often to the center of the green) As a part of my post-shot routine, I try (!!) to objectively evaluate things like... - Did I hit it solidly? - Did I hit the kind of shot I'd intended? - Did I get it within .. roughly .. 10-20% of my intended target? The way I look at "scoring" my shots are... - within 10% means you hit a 90% successful shot = an "A" grade - within 20% means you hit an 80-something% successful shot = a respectable (and playable) "B" grade - etc. Then I try to evaluate what I did do well and what still needs more work (which a lot of times is related to focus and concentration).
  6. Hmmm... not Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again"... There must be so many great golf course options along the way b/w WA and SoCal .. how ya gonna choose?!?
  7. Heat first, then cold. Don't know if you're into it or if there is any near you, but accupuncture has been a big help for me.
  8. OK, just an FYI update... Our (Kenny's and mine) dates are set - we'll be there starting Thursday 4/02 and then leaving the following Wednesday morning 4/08.
  9. This is all really GREAT stuff! And, in fact, echoes very closely several of the key points I .. was supposed to have .. learned at a mental game clinic I attended about a year ago. Hope the kids are absorbing it all!!
  10. I have to get myself to do more of that "reset" process, vs rushing ahead not fully prepared and committed to the current shot.
  11. Same here! How can you pass up that deal?? I've played them before and liked them. This time I went for the white, tho, not the matte green; tho a cool color, the hi vis does not always stand out plus the matte seems to trap more dirt and moisture vs "shiny" finishes.
  12. ..was gonna say something very similar.............. ..oh, hmmmm ... so I'm not the only one who does that??!!?? (and yeah that's the the mistake that still "gets me" when I do it........)
  13. Thx! I'm so ready .. each Winter, as in another year older, the cold just seems colder....
  14. Yeah, thx, have seen several very positive comments about his clinics .. really looking forward to it! I'll have my phone on video recording when I mention "Rob" - so I can catch his reaction...
  15. Starting this thread now .. which I'll be adding to later on .. about an upcoming meet-up with @Kenny B .. with whom I've been exchanging PMs and posts for a few years now, but have not yet had the opportunity to get together with IRL. Well, it's finally going to happen - over the first weekend in April - and centered around a Monte Scheinblum clinic. Which is why I wanted to start this now -- there were 6 spots only in this clinic, of which 3 are now taken by myself, Kenny and his wife Martha. SO.......... * If any other MGSers are in the SoCal area, or really anywhere, and want to come join us and help take over the clinic .. it's... -- Saturday, April 4th thru Sunday or Monday .. depending on whether you sign up for a 2-day or 3-day clinic -- third day Monday is on-course playing lesson -- cost is $200/day (9a-4p) + a small facility fee -- location is Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine -- info and sign-up at.. -- https://rebelliongolf.com/clinics/ Oh, PS: I'm most likely arriving at least one day, maybe two, before the clinic and staying over at least one more day, too - ie. more potential spy-golf-beer-time.
  16. That's a James Sieckmann technique I was shown at a clinic last year -- ball back, weight forward, shaft lean and just let the clubhead drop down onto the back of the ball.
  17. First and most importantly: I cannot take credit for the words quoted below -- they were posted in the "How'd You Play?" thread by the exceedingly articulate and sage @chisag (and re-posted in here with his permission ). The mental game of golf is something that not only intrigues me, but is something I'm trying to learn more about and incorporate into my own play; his words just seemed to me to really encapsulate and highlight the essentials of what I'm working towards. OK, so... Chisag was responding to a comment from @CarlH that started with... "We had an assistant pro at the Yellowstone CC that used to play on the LPGA tour. I was struggling to break 80 on the course and asked her what I could do to break that barrier. Her reply was pretty simple --- what are you thinking about on hole 15?" ___________________________ "... Changing your behavior is a learned skill. I was lucky because at an early age I played Qb and when I threw an interception I could let it fester or forget it and move on. Festering was counter productive and it did not take me long to learn that, so when I threw a pick I learned from it and moved on. Next possession it was already forgotten and I was concentrating on the play that was just called. Nothing else. Same thing for acting and auditions. Once I finished an audition, I let it go completely because it was out of my control. The more I did it, the easier it got until quite often the next day another actor would ask if I had an audition yesterday and I would reply yes, but don't remember what it was because my mind was on the audition I was about to have right now. "... Golf is exactly the same. As much of a cliche as it sounds, you can only play one stroke at a time and that stroke is the only one that matters. When you do that, thinking you need 5 more pars to break 80 will not be an option because if you are only concentrating in the shot you have right now, you will have no idea what you need to break par. The only time I am aware of my score is when I have all pars because that is hard to ignore, but once I have a bogie, birdie or eagle I lose lost track because I'm only thinking about the shot I am about to have. Nothing else is important. Same thing for hitting a ball in the water and thinking "I need to hit a couple of great shot to save bogie". If you hit it in the water, take your drop and only concentrate on what is the best shot to attempt right now. This will improve your focus and your execution. "... Facing a long putt, entertaining the thought that this is a 3 putt just waiting too happen is the same thing. That's 2 more shots ahead of the shot you are playing. Look at the putt and only focus on your speed and line and hit the very best putt you can. The rest will take care of itself. By thinking positive about the only shot you have control over, you give yourself your best chance of making it a good one. And repeating myself, but the same thing happens if that first putt rolls 6 feet past or comes up 6 feet short. Forget the putt you just made and only concentrate on making the putt you are now facing. By now I hope you can see every single shot is a singular challenge and as a competitor you want to embrace every challenge with your best effort. "... I know some of you are thinking this is pretty much impossible, especially after playing many years, but it really isn't. If you are serious about breaking 100, 90, 80 or 70 play golf and only focus on the shot you have to make right now. I think you might be surprised at your score when the round is over. It is also much more fun and relaxing to hit your the shot to the best of your ability giving it your best effort, then shift your focus to your partners or enjoy your surroundings and only get back to the golf when preparing for your next shot. Remember, this is a learned behavior so if thoughts creep in about future holes or what's needed to break 80, just recognize it and then keep doing the best you can with concentrating on one shot only and you will get better and better at it!" (^ Post #11835 on Page #592 of "How'd You Play?") _____________________________________________
  18. Go for it!!! Like the golf sage @chisag said .. and, of course, excepting those who are just physically unable .. I feel that walking is the way the game should be / is best played. FYI.. I have a Bag Boy Quad XL that I am really happy with! Look around and go into a store to check out different carts.
  19. Got down to Florida for an extended weekend getaway last month .. actually got my wife to take a few days off from work; first time in almost ever .. and we got to play three days in a row. Part of the trip was to see one of my cousins and his kids; he lives in the Palm Beach area and is a member at PGA National - tho because of his work and travel he rarely plays. But we were able to get him out for 9 holes on Saturday and Sunday and he took us out on The Squire. One of the other courses there was being set up for the Honda Classic. First day played .. mostly .. really well (didn't keep score); a lotta good tee shots but I managed to screw up a lotta the second shots, but then short game was pretty solid and I managed to get up and down or literally just miss getting up and down several times. Second day didn't play as well and managed to find a lot of the water that I totally avoided the first day, so lost several of my fun Stars & Stripes Truvis. But it was great to see my cuz and catch up and spend some fun time together. Monday, on the recommendation of my Goftec coach, we went to Abacoa. What a NICE facility! Really friendly and helpful staff; nice pro shop; nice practice areas. The course is one of those "challenging but playable" layouts, and playing from the Senior tees and using my 3W (driver didn't go on this trip) I think I ended up with a 92 or 93 -- with 4 (maybe 5?) Pars (whoohoo!) and 6 Doubles (maybe 1 Triple), the rest Bogeys. And that was with several muffed shots from the (Bermuda?) rough and a *LOT* of 3-putts (booo...) on very contoured and what felt to me like super-fast greens. Sheesh I dunno how you FLA guys play down there!!!
  20. Productive practice session a few days ago. Started out with a bunch of lag putting uphill, downhill and sidehill (still problematic for me) for distance control, and then some chipping from various spots around the chipping green. Then went to work on the range on all of the stuff my Golftec coach has been trying hard to get me to do ... and starting to see some real improvements! Always picked a target and was careful with setup and alignment; switched up clubs, switched up targets, took my time between shots; and worked a lot on wedges and short irons including using different clubs to the same target and also the same club to different targets. Starting to get more solid strikes vs misses, and starting to get more balls closer to the intended targets. Yea!
  21. EXS 220 #7i with KBS Tour Graphite shaft (their stock offering for "R" flex); 30-day trial but have a feeling it may be staying and may be joined by a few slightly larger plus slightly smaller clones.....
  22. Was going to offer something very similar... I'm coming from a somewhat similar place as in working to break through 90 and play consistently in the 80s; though I didn't hit my first golf ball until I was 53! But I also recently started a series of lessons at a Golftec center and that coach has been really helpful to me. My last 18-hole round, after 5 (half-hour) lessons and a bunch of dedicated practice, I shot about a 93 and that was with plenty of silly errors and way too many 3-putts (was down in Florida and the greens were treacherous!). Practice practice practice with your wedges - full, partial, chipping; at the range and if you have access to a short game practice area then from all kinds of different lies that you can find. Use one method you're comfortable / confident with and WORK IT! Practice using the same club for different distances and practice using different clubs for the same distance. As someone else also mentioned earlier, practice with the same club working on low runners and on high spinners. Your ability to handle short approaches and missed greens will progress! You didn't mention putting but work on that, too (obviously!), as often as possible. Distance control - especially on long putts - is another key skill to refine. On course management - one resource I found really helpful is at Matt Saternus (used to be with MGS) site PluggedInGolf.com... https://pluggedingolf.com/course-management-basics-part-1/ Clear and straight-forward 10-part series with a ton of great tips and strategies. On the mental game - the more I learn about golf, and the more I play, the more I realize how important the mental game is. But.. WHAT is it? HOW does one learn about it? There are a growing number of coaches out there but one I found, and had the opportunity to take a clinic from, and have learned a *LOT* from is David MacKenzie and his site GolfStateOfMind.com EDIT: Just saw your last post where you said you are practicing putting indoors - great!
  23. OMG..... My Mom died from that so I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief for your wife and you.......... Best wishes for a speedy recovery back to full health!!
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