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  1. 1. Your name and home state/province 2. Your current handicap 3. How you think the DST Compressor Set can help your ball striking Ray, California 22 HDCP I'm hitting the irons a little thin, no divot, and generally with a pull. Working on hitting down and rotating all the way through the shot, instead of standing up and flipping the club at the finish. Thanks!
  2. Ray, California Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 V-line, 33 inch Pro Series mallet Miss right
  3. Ray Santa Barbara HDCP: 18 Mizuno MX-900s, with stock graphite shafts Not fitted I know you guys will find this hard to believe (as do I!) but that well-worn set of MX-900s was stolen from my (stupidly) unlocked garage earlier this week! I guess I need to find another contest for the also taken Cobra woods, eh? Golf clubs are easily (albeit, painfully) replaced, but the low-life also took my custom carbon road bike. Now, stealing a man's bike is like stealing his horse in the old days...and out west here, I think you can be shot for that! Good luck, everyone!
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