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  1. -Stuart, California -Cobra King F6+ (9.5), Speeder Evolution 661 stiff -98mph-102mph ss, 9hdcp -ST 180 9.5 head, Tensei Blue stiff
  2. Stuart/California Cobra King ForgedTec/Recoil95 9.7, last I checked Preference - C300 Forged, but would be happy to test the C300 as well
  3. Stuart California, USA hdcp 8.6 Cobra King Forged Tec 5-PW
  4. Stuart Southern California At the moment, just using my Android phone with Grintgolf and Arccos driver apps... so I'd definitely love to test something more precise to see what it does for my game! (and I don't have any tournament golf upcoming, so I'd be happy to test V4 Slope)
  5. Stuart, California, 8.6 765 Driver F65 3 wood F65 5 wood H65 22* hybrid 565 Irons 5-PW Rtx3CB 52* wedge(bent to 51) Rtx3 Raw 56* and 60* TFI 2135 6.5 putter Shafts tbd at fitting!
  6. 1. Stuart, from California 2. I generally walk, with a push cart. 3. Sun Mountain MCB.
  7. These look great! Stuart, Los Angeles, CA hdcp 7.9 Cobra Bio Cell Plus, KBS C-Taper Lite S yes- custom fit
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