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  1. Hello i have been following my golf spy for years now on all the great reviews and content that is available. i have not been very active on forums so figure i am ready to get more involved. i am currently a 8 HCP and play out of Northern California in San Francisco. my home course is in Novato at Stonetree i love the game and have been playing for about 10 years seriously. I never played growing up so i found the love for the game later for me
  2. i recently made the switch to the sim driver and feel like i have lost some control. i felt like my old m-5 was much m,ore consistent and easy to keep in play. anyone else have any thoughts on this? in all honesty i should have never made the change from my Ping g-400 LST. I am thinking about the most wanted driver winning again and going back to ping g-410 LST
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