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  1. The rest of my game runs circles around the short stick, so I'd be happy to test and test again. I have an ER1v in the bag and an extreme offset practice model in the trunk.
  2. David, North Carolina Hcp 7, speed 102mph Titleist 910, reshafted (Project X Evenflo 6.0) Epic Flash Sub Zero preferred, but...
  3. David from North Carolina Hcp 7 Snell MTB Black or Bridgestone E6 At 68, it's almost all for speed these days!
  4. David North Carolina (new transplant) Hdcp 5 Titleist AP1/TT DG S300 i210 (please) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. David North Carolina / USA Titleist AP2 (2013), TT Dynamic Gold S400 (parallel); Vokey wedges have DG spinners 155 yd 7-iron (and drifting down at age 67)
  6. 1. David from North Carolina (just) 2. Titleist AP2, TT Dynamic Gold XP stiff, + 1/2" 3. 5 handicap 4. CBX (please) - Good luck to all, and thanks to MGS -
  7. David from Harrisburg, PA Hcp 7 Wedges: RTX-3 satin 50V-LG, 58V-MG Irons: CBX 4-P (no D) Hybrid: Launcher HB 3H FW wood: Launcher 3W Driver: Launcher 9degree Putter: TFI 2135 Satin-RHO, o/S grip, 34" Stand bag Black/Blue/White CG beanie and white CG unstructured cap (Woo- Hoo!) Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. David from Pennsylvania, Hcp 5; 66 year old eyeballs with occasional iPhone GolfShot GPS or Leupold laser Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. David from Pennsylvania, USA Titleist 2012 AP2, stiff Hcp 5 ...just about ready to pull the trigger again on the whole bag
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