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  1. John/Minnesota 3.6 Callaway Steelhead 155
  2. John Minnesota 74 yrs 3 Handicap Taylormade 4-A Wedge KBS 90 Stiff Vokey 54 and 60 SM5's Dynamic Gold S-300 These are beautiful clubs that would look great up north.
  3. John Minnesota Vokey 50, 54 and 60 50, 54 and 60 degree Bridgestone Tour B XW -1 pretty please.
  4. John Eagan, MN 5.5 handicap HB Driver, 3 wood, 3 and 4 Hybrids, CBX Irons and CBX Wedges, TFi 2135 Elevado putter w/oversize grip
  5. John Roberts - 74 Eagan, MN How to deal with my arthritic right shoulder that will not allow me to put my right arm in the correct position.
  6. John Minnesota Mizuno JPX-800 Pro True Temper Dynamic Gold CPT S-200 Not fitted 7 iron carry 155 yds
  7. John Minnesota Odyssey versa v-line No Queen B 9 What a treat it would be to finally win something as beautiful as a Bettinardi Queen B 9. A dream come true. Thanks.
  8. John Minnesota 5.9 handicap index Mizuno JPX 800 Pro Would love to try the JPX 900 Forged. Have used Mizuno irons for 20 years. Great feel and results.
  9. John Minnesota 5Hcp Mizuno JPX 800 Pro 4-Gap I played Ping irons many years ago (at least 15) and would love to try them again. Thank you for the opportunity MGS.
  10. I play about 70 rounds /year Current handicap index 3.3 Putter of choice right now ( it will probably change - I need help putting) Odyssey Works Big T - V Line Thanks for any help you can provide - John
  11. Snell balls' I certainly consider what is written. No. I spend less money on comparable balls vs. what I used to play.
  12. John Roberts Eagan, MN 3.6 Handicap Index Driver Z565 10.5 Stiff Fairway ZF65 15* Stiff Hybrids ZH65 19*, 22* Stiff Irons Z565 4-AW Stiff Steel Wedges RTX-3 54V-MG and 58V-FG Putter TFI 2135 Elevado fairway
  13. John Eagan, MN JPX800 Pro KBS Stiff 4 Handicap Have never been fitted and would love to give it a try. Love Mizuno irons.
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