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  1. Ed/South Carolina 4.8 TM P790 160
  2. Ed C., Charleston SC Yes use a line Drawn with black sharpie Taylormade TP5x Blue line with N.E.C. as text
  3. Ed South Carolina Handicap 4.7 Current Irons Srixon Z545 7 iron carry distance 160
  4. Ed, South Carolina 4.7 Titleist SM6 54 & 58 Low spinner
  5. Ed/South Carolina Current grips: Tour velvet Z Grip Align
  6. Ed/South Carolina Current grips: tour velvet Z Grip Align
  7. Ed South Carolina hcp 5.1 Driver Swing speed 101 Current driver Srixon Z 545 Epic Sub Zero with Evenflow 6.0 - (need to drop my spin rate ) Thanks
  8. Ed South Carolina Hcp. 5.1 Driver Swing Speed - 100 mph Srixon Z545 would like to test the G410 Plus.
  9. Name: Ed State: South Carolina US Driver: Srixon Z545, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 60G Swing speed: 99-102
  10. looking to finally upgrade from my old Hogans. Ed South Carolina 5.2 Hogan Apex Edge Pro Apex 4 (stiff) i500 Looking to regain some distance in a players club. Thanks for the opportunity.
  11. Great opportunity. Have been looking hard at these irons. Am currently playing Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro irons and have not found much better in a forged cavity back. Ed - 57 Charleston SC area Index 5.5 - Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pro 4-PW stiff, Vokey SM6 50,54,58
  12. Ed State - SC/Charleston Hdcp - 8 Current irons - Hogan Apex Edge Pro. The PTx look very similar. Would love to compare the two. Am currently in the market for a forged cavity back iron to replace the Apex Pros.
  13. Love Hogans, currently gaming a set of Apex Edge Pros 4-E. Would love to try the Ft. Worth 15 hi long irons Name - Ed State - South Carolina Hdcp- - 8 Longest Iron - 4 iron
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