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  1. Gordon, Pennsauken, New Jersey Currently - 18 handicap. Current Irons - Cobra S3 stock Graphite shaft and grips 4-GW Regular Flex I play twice a week at this point, and I love my S3's. I'd be very happy to review and compare the new F6 TecFlo Irons with what I believe was a great set of irons in my current S3s.
  2. Gordon Pennsauken NJ. 18 handicap. ( it is coming down) Currently playing Cobra S3 Irons with stock graphite shafts in regular flex. No, I am not custom fit. I have never been professionally fit for clubs in the past, everything is off the rack, I would love to try it though. I play on average at least 1 round a week at this point, even in the winter, and it will be minimum of 2x a week come April. I have many friends that play Mizuno's and swear by them.
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