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  1. I have one very similar , Same shaft, same shape not as old. Tommy Armour 300. A couple of the alignment lines are not on mine.
  2. Welcome White chocolate. I am up in central Ma. I have not yet played Blackstone , I will admit I have not heard a bad word about that course.
  3. Welcome Wedgie. We are almost neighbors
  4. I would think a good fitting would either fit you into the clubs, saying these are right for you, our out of the clubs and it would be explained why. Like these 2* flat you need 2* upright, stiff shafts , you should have senior flex.
  5. I was wondering if you still liked those Wilson irons.
  6. Good for you . I assume you will have a great time.
  7. I did something like that 10 years ago. Took my clubs and went to a "club analysis, swing analysis, putting analysis , lesson" in White Plains NY. At the time it was a $200 fee. When all was said and done they recommended a few different sets of game improvement clubs to help my game. I went with the Cleveland club set and it was a big improvement. I was joining a private CC and I was willing to spend some $ to make myself a better golfer, problem was I did not spend enough $. It was a very thorough fitting, even showed me where my putter was lined up when I thought it was lined up at the hole, it was off by 8" in 15 feet. { Laser set up} My club fitter was a guy by the name of Andrew Stroukoff, yes really. He was a world class athlete and represented the USA in the 1976 winter Olympics. Nothing like having a professional guide you thru getting the right equipment..
  8. I played in the senior club championship . Played from the white tees, net score. Gross score is from the blue tees. I was 6 over par after 7 holes and 6 over par after 18 holes. I parred out except for a bird on 10 and bogey on 18. 76 net 64, 6 under par, leader in the club house for the first day. The second round was not so good , shot an 86 ended up in 7 place. 76 was my best round ever. After the first day I was thrilled with my round and you know what, so was everyone else I play golf with.
  9. Congratulations Shawn I am a little concerned though. When is the first test? Do I need to study?
  10. I know someone who waggles 5 times It's probably OCD , well maybe not, 5 and 3 are odd numbers . My OCD would have to be even numbers
  11. I played in my club championship the last 2 weekends, the 2nd flight. I was in 3rd after the first 2 rounds but finished 5th after 3 rounds. The last nine holes I had 4 triple bogeys, just one of those things, 1 putt leading to 3 more on 3 holes. Some times I can talk myself into being to tentative on slick greens. It was another great experience to play for the club championship.
  12. I just played with someone who has to start a round with 6 balls in his bag.
  13. Red Tail can be challenging. I hit Driver , 3 wood, 3 hybrid and I was still 150 yards out on a par 4. True story Poor golf skills.
  14. My list is Massachusetts, Maine , New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. More than I thought. I played the University of Virginia and the University of Florida golf courses. They were quite nice.
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