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  1. Well done to all...looking forward to all your reviews...
  2. Where are you in Aus mate ?

  3. Thanks to all for your best wishes....
  4. Thanks to another gracious member....hope the new one finds these more to their liking ?
  5. Another honest response from @Beakbryce...... Lets hope another one is found. I use the Miz irons and are happy with them and my setup of current long game clubs. Good luck to all those who enter and find these clubs more to their liking.
  6. Love the options to show why some fortunate golfer needs a chance to try this out. Good luck to all those who enter.
  7. Congrats testers...looking forward to ALL those putts dropping....
  8. Just finished (last sat) the 3rd round of our Annual Stroke Play Champs....finally a decent score....scr 81...net 67...par 72...winning D1.... Now into the final round this sat...leader is toooo far in front...but....you never know. How good is golf....
  9. Date 09/23/2023 Course Name Glenmore Heritage Valley Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 13 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par -6 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 9 Longest Drive 245 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 3 Match Score Wow...what a round... Not sure if I could hit the ball any better. Scrambled and putted exceptional as well. All in all.. a dream round.(even with the few doubles)
  10. Let's go you testers and see those scores dropppp
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