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  1. I remember reading that if you multiply the distance you hit your 5 iron by 36...you get the distance of the tees you should be playing off.
  2. Why don't people read !!!! Frustrating for reg users to see these comments....how do the mods cope ?
  3. I wouldn't be too concerned about the 55y gap.If you ave say 240 on your driver and 200 on your hybrid...I Don't see an issue...its all about position and strike.Personally, I feel you have too many duplicated clubs in your setup. I would try and play with a TMR (17*) as your go to club for distance and accuracy.If you are hitting the hybrid 200...you don't need a 3w.Then change the shaft on one of the others to replicate a 20*...try that and see ?
  4. Like the look of the putter..not sure I am a fan of the mallet head though ?
  5. Game within a game......silly q....have you tried lessons and then persist...maybe stroke....putter ?
  6. Agree with all the above comments...stands to reason that range balls are there for a reason...not to trust them for short game purposes. Happy you are working on your short game...only way to bring your hc down....keep it up...I see a single marker hiding in there.
  7. Every one has a swing unique to their body strength etc. We should not get hyped up on the elite athletes and their amazing abilities...rather get the basics right and then use our coaches to fine tune our best abilities. How often have we seen..how the hell can he or she swing like that only to see the ball fly away and then think...everyone has a different way to play the game.....lets just enjoy.
  8. Have been fortunate to be one of the lucky testers on a Bettinardi putter...and still going strong....thanks MGS.
  9. Seems you got them all in the middle...looking at the marks. Are your buddies sick of giving up their cash now ???
  10. Also have heard a lot of good reviews etc...I live in OZ an am reaching out to those of you who have bought and played these ??
  11. Have used weights in the past...in fact my Ping G400 has it..though prefer to used natural and let hands/body do the work. IMO.
  12. What can you say…hope he likes throwing money away and ruining his golf game…isn’t there a site where these can be reported…not sure what info you need and if In the long run whether any thing can be achieved…keep badgering him to dump it
  13. Ok..so the price is extravagant...but if it works and suits you...wth. How much would you pay for a new driver/wood/rescue and how long would you hang onto it. Just a thought...know which way I'd go.
  14. Virtually after every round...at worst after my weekend game...I play 3 times a week. You should...makes hell of a diff if you don't !!!
  15. Look...I'm sure they do....don't think that wedge changes are on the golfer's radar...rather, media hype is about length...drivers/woods etc. I keep mine pretty clean and do that each week. They would be about 5+ yrs old ( Bridgestone/Miura)...so, unless something grabs my attention...they'll stay in the bag.
  16. Yeah...good points made....zippers are being held together...apart from that...ok. My pro shop has some doozies...makes me think ????
  17. Thanks Jamie...always good for a refresher.
  18. I have 4 - works for me - read that you need to keep your self open to all brands - though, whatever floats your boat.
  19. Agree bellken - I also increased the loft to 10.5 and hell, what a difference
  20. Totally agree with other comments - I am 67yo and am using a Ping G400 Max reg with a shorter Ping Alta shaft. Never hit my driver sooo good - the shorter shaft gives me a chance to square up the club face easier than all those drivers that have gone before me. People need to understand that fitting is key component of the golf swing DO IT and you'll be surprised - don't fall into the trap of listening to your buddies ie; get a senior shaft
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