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  1. Good luck to all - dammnnn, I missed out again. Oh well, maybe next time
  2. Thanks for the opportunity - no mention of Aus residents, so here goes: Emu Plains NSW Aus 95mph Rate your fitness level: above average Affirmation that you will see the entire program through -Absolutely
  3. Oh my God - wouldn't I love these irons - we of those outside of the US do not get a chance to participate in these - so please, consider my application. Noel NSW Australia. 10 Miura CB301 140m
  4. Congrats to all - grrrrrr
  5. Thanks for this opportunity - here are the specs; Noel - Australia 12 Miura CB501 140m-150m
  6. glenmore5


  7. I meant to thank you much earlier for these comments. I live in Australia and was fortunate to test a 'Bettinardi' putter - Studio Stock 8: in 2017 My initial review was not encouraging,however,after persisting now find that it certainly is one of the best that I have ever had. Thanks again for the opportunity.
  8. Thanks for the opportunity - here are my details - hope I win ! Noel - Emu Plains Sydney Australia. NO I don't.
  9. Good luck to all - would love to test as I already have the 3/5w - but as I live in Oz - do not qualify
  10. Wow - thanks for the opportunity - here are my specs; Name, Locale, and Rounds per year : Noel Guillaume Emu Plains NSW Australia & 200+ Social Media Accounts : FB/IG/T Handicap and Swing Speed : 8 and 90mph Current Set : Miura CB 510 Reg with KBS Lite Desired Cobra Set : King F9 Reg 10.5 King F9 3W Reg King F9 5W Reg 5i - Gw (conv) Reg King Wedges 54/56 Cart Bag
  11. Thanks Chuck - going by this msg, not sure if the Mizuno is sold ? - if not, happy for you to list on eBay and then we can take from there ? Pls let me know Noel.
  12. Chuck - sent you a msg about your earlier sale of the Mizuno driver - did you get it ? Noel.
  13. Would you ship to Australia ?
  14. Glimpse Tuned Recovery, would be perfect - thanks for this opportunity.
  15. Hi Chuck, How much shipped to Australia ?
  16. Sorry - just seen your post - let me know if this doesn't go ahead and we can talk further.
  17. Ok - then shipping to Australia ?
  18. Thanks so much for this opportunity, Here are my details; Noel Emu Plains NSW Australia 9 Miura CB301 Reg i210
  19. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Mark Leishman Tier 3: Zac Johnson Tier 4: Chris Wood Tier 5: Tom Lewis Winning Score: - 15
  20. Wow - thanks for this opportunity - here we go ; 1. Noel 2. Emu Plains NSW Australia 2750 3. 8 4. None at present - hopefully this ?
  21. Wow - thanks for this fantastic opportunity. Here are my specs; - Noel - Emu Plains NSW Australia - Wilson C200 - Kurokage - 85g Reg - Anything from 130m-140m (143y - 154y) Make it lucky me ?
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