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  1. I am 5’8” with shorter legs. I have played with 1/2” shorter irons for the past 30 years. Changing to standard lengths would definitely be a challenge. My swing plane has adjusted to this length and would not change. That said, I just added a 2” extension to my Talamonti driver shaft . My swing plain is a little flatter but I have picked up 7-10 yds off the tee. As others have suggested, try choking down 1/2 inch or pull your 7 and 8 iron heads and try your 7 on the 8 iron shaft.
  2. This would be a great test from a very reputable manufacturer.
  3. Realistically anything inside of 15 feet I am trying to drain. At 50 feet I try to put it within a 3 foot circle. Tends to relax forearms and promote a better stroke.
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  5. It would be great to win a higher end launch monitor. Currently using a Mevo.
  6. Count me in. Very interested. Mr Rife has been a dominant force in the marketplace.
  7. Launch monitor. Not a must have. That said I just purchased a Flightscope Mevo base model.
  8. Would like to test the SkyCaddie Linx GT GPS Watch trqcking system Paul Vicary Handicap 10 The Villages FL Currently using Golf Buddy Clubs TaylorMade R11S Driver RS1 irons Cure RX5 Putter
  9. Paul Florida 14.4 TMade Burner 2.0 Strength accuracy short irons Weakness length long irons
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