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  1. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Snell MTB balls; and helped me decide to buy my Taylor Made M1 driver 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? More reinforced than changed the idea that unbiased testing is very valuable in choosing golf equipment 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Scores are coming back down after some time off and a few injuries. Fairways hit is for sure better with the M1. 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? The Snell "My Tour Ball" is as good a ball as I've played at a price that doesn't make me cringe when I'm standing on the box looking at a long carry over trouble.....especially when I've got my M1 in hand.
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