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  1. Mike D. Columbus Ohio I currently predominantly use Srixon Q-Star, Q-Star Tour, or Soft Feel. When I first started playing golf 20 years ago, I regularly used Top Flite XL of various numbers, 1000, 2000, 3000, etc. They were hard, seemed lighter than other balls at the time, and fit my need for cheap "bullets" to lose as I learned the game. Then, Top Flite came out with Gamer and Gamer Soft (which were NOT). These balls were OK, very firm, seemed to perform off long clubs as well as anything else I used like Bridgestone E6, or Noodle, or Warbird (all of which felt softer), and t
  2. Going back to the original post - it seems that the OP does understand the basics of fitting as he mentions the correct relationship between length and lie. Reading between the lines a bit, it also seems that the fitters at DSG understand that relationship as well. The assumption is that they potentially did a lie board test and at least a static measurement to come to the conclusion that a flatter lie was needed. The OP did not mention what methods were used to conclude 3 degrees flat. Not only do we not have complete info. as to why DSG recommended only 3 degrees flat rather than some c
  3. Well Its mid-October and it's the first time I looked at responses to my introduction to you all. Never thought 25 people would greet me in and many Ohioans and former Buckeyes. Yes - well now that all the good teams have one loss - we can get on to real business - Go Tribe!!!!!!! Thans for the welcome all - and yes.................... O-H.............I-O
  4. Mike D - Ohio Mizuno JPX-EZ 3, 4 Hybrids with stock Fujikura shafts. Sometimes add the 2 and 5 hybrids depending on course, also with stock Fujikura shafts. These shafts and heads seem to fit me perfectly. Hybrid lofts are 2 = 16, 3 = 19, 4 = 22, 5 = 25. Hybrid shafts were not custom fit. Hybrid game strength is production of pure distance. Hybrid game weakness is aim, especially on sidehill or difficult lies.
  5. Hey Fellow MGS Readers: I enjoy the site, the great info. and especially your comments and reactions. Enjoy and Later!!! GMFlash
  6. Mike D. Columbus, OH 15 Hcap alternate between Ping i15 and Ping Anser Forged 2010
  7. Hey MGS - Name is Mike D. Home State is Ohio HCAP is 18 Current Driver and Shaft is Ping Anser with a Fujikura Blur 005 regular flex Driver Swing Speed is 90 mph
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