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  1. 1. Randy, Michigan 2. 17.8 3. TaylorMade RocketBallz - Set at 12* - Standard Graphite Regular Flex 4. 97 swing speed, 192 typical carry distance 5. Favorite: Gotta be: Phil Mickelson Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. Your first name and home state Randy, Michigan How many rounds per year do you walk? 12-20 FYI: I have been in training for a hundred hole hike - 100+ holes in one day, walking, to raise money for charity. I'd love to have one of these to promote with my endeavor. I will be doing this event next year near the solstice with 3 to 4 others. Our reach will be close to a thousand like minded folks. (wink). I have a 54 hole training coming up in 2 weeks. Hopefully, I could use it then.
  3. First name: Randy Home state: Michigan Current handicap: 17.4 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 18* Hybrid, 22* Hybrid. Graphite/Regular. I though I was the only one that had trouble with hooking my hybrids off the planet! I have to do so many things to get them to hit straight - to the point that I've started experimenting with lead tape. Help me... RSO
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