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    1. Lee; Vancouver BC Canada; 60 rounds per year
    2. Social Media Accounts - twitter: @LeeBarter; instagram: @pleebarter
    3. Handicap and Swing Speed: 12 - 98mph
    4. Current Set: all Cobra -  F8 Driver, F7 3/4, F7 Hybrid 2/3, TEC forged 4-GW, King Cobra Wedges 56 and 60, Ping Ketch Cadence putter - all regular shafts with Golf Pride MCC Plus4 - midsize with 1 extra wrap.
    5. Desired Cobra Set: Driver, 3 wood, 2-3 Hybrid, 5-6 Hybrid, 5-GW One length; King Wedges Versatile 56 and 60
  1. Lee from British Columbia

    In the northwest we get substantial rain, I play year round.

    My worst weather day here in BC was in mid-March in an opening day tournament where it rained almost 1 inch in 4 hours of play to the point that the course was closed just after we finished our last hole.

    Currently have SunIce gear. 


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