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  1. Yes Please! I have been using a Garmin S3 for around 18 months - 2 years but find it somewhat inconsistent. I have even seen my entire fourball, each with GPS, getting 4 differing yardages with as much as 14 yards variation, this leads to indecision and uncertainty and I am sure this has a significant impact on my game! I have come down from 19 to 14 in the last 6 months and have just beaten my personal best with a round of 6 over gross! I am now looking for the final piece in the jigsaw that gets me to single figures and think this could be it! I play at least twice a week even through the Winter and it would be great to test the Slope model in particular and see how it fares in the UK's cold and damp weather! Would love to share with you all how it positively impacts on my game and extend the testing beyond the US borders Good Luck all, London, England
  2. Hi, If you can send some of these to the UK I would love to report back! I normally go for Puma or Nike with my clothing and am 43 years young living outside of London UK!
  3. If you are looking for a UK tester I would love to give this a try, I have used a garmin S2 since it first came out and love it but lots of our members swear by their lasers and I have to admit they are great when needing a little more accuracy or looking at hazards etc and not just distance to the green! Off to Spain in a couple of weeks for a weeks golf tour so this would be a great opportunity to thoroughly test! Martin London UK 16
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