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  1. Sorry for your loss Foz. In my thoughts man Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Right but it didn't work during the 24 hour period. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Great news dude Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Hey guys. Just checking to see if the discount code for MGS has been sorted out with Dicks? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Honestly. I would have throttled back since you only had 2 holes left and tried to enjoy the time with my wife. And no matter my pace be it fast or slow. If a tee shot lands that close to me. I'm saying something. No need for that. No matter how frustrated you might be with the situation. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Hello Spies. I want to apologize to all of you for the delay in posting my stage 2. Thank you to MGS and DSG for the chance to review and test these wonderful irons. My stage 2 link, Stage 2 Tommy Armour review
  7. Curious how the young bulldog will do. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Great stuff guys. Sorry I wasn't able to get out this week. Lil thing called work caused issues lol. Tomorrow we are set to play a notorious windy course. With these clubs wanting to go high, tomorrow could be a true test. Last weekends round I posted a -2 under net score. The front was horrible and you'd think I forgot how to play. Luckily I remembered on the back. Making 4 birdies in a round is something I've NEVER done. One maybe 2 is what I usually can do. Was it the clubs? Or me? I'll say 50/50 [emoji23] Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Just wanted to share this lil tidbit. The range has added the Toptracer monitors and one of the games is closest to pin from 149 yds. Currently holding down 3rd for the month with a sweet lil Atomic 8 iron to 4'10" [emoji466]️[emoji123][emoji457] Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Glad ya found us neighbor lol. Love the Shoals. Also like Blackberry and Cypress. Our group will be back down there in the fall for a golf trip. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Still eyeballin this thread lol Keep rolling the rock dude Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. As they say. Rubbing is racing and if you're loose you're out of control. I sprayed it all over in my match on Sunday. Distance was ugo. Accuracy was ugo and my score would make it 3 for 3. Next round is Sunday to practice before our club championship. Thankfully the problem wasn't the irons lol. My Sat round was spot on with everything. Guess I just used up all the good stuff. I'm still thinking of regripping again and this time added more tape to build them up. The karma grips are holding up nicely just thinner than expected. Guess one companies size isn't the same across the board. But I am loving these irons. Just shows you you don't have to get a second mortgage to have quality clubs. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Day 1 of our match play tournament and these irons are surprising me. My distances are all steady once I get comfortable. So far I'm loving the 7 thru A wedge. The control I've got with these irons is something I'm not used to on a regular basis. The 4-6 irons are still in a courtin phase with me. The grips I swapped with are doing well also for a not big name grip. Side note. Last week's round. I birdied the par 4, 2nd hole from 103 yds with the A wedge [emoji106] Tomorrow we'll be playing the second half of the tournament at one of my favorite courses. Hopefully the rain doesn't hurt us. Keep ya posted on how the courtin goes [emoji106][emoji107] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Hi Spies, Stage 1 is up and running. looking forward to hearing from you and fielding any questions.
  15. Stage Two – Tommy Armour Atomic Irons by BigtazzGOLF Oct, 2019 Hello Spies, let me start off that I would like to apologize for the delay in getting my stage 2 posted for you guys. I’d like to thank MyGolfSpy and Tommy Armour (DSG) for the chance to review these irons. I started off hoping not to make it a competition between what I currently gamed, TM Speedblades, and these, but it just didn't happen. A month into the test and I was putting them against each other. Sadly to say I loved them equally and can’t pick a winner. I will say with 100% honesty that these clubs are very nice and I think anyone from 10ish handicap up would really like these clubs and at the price point, you really can’t compare them. Looks (9 out of 10 points) I really love the look of these irons from the top. If you look at the bottom, you’ll notice a wide sole that may put you off. So to fix this, I didn’t swing the club upside down In my opinion you can’t see it from above or when addressing the ball. For looks I give it 9 only because the sole will be noticed when the club is in your bag and it may make you think bad things, like why is this shovel or hybrid in my bag. Rest easy, you’ll be fine. Sound & Feel (8 out of 10 points) These irons sound crisp when hitting the sweet spot and as expected, off center hits have a different sound. Not clicky just not the pure sound you are supposed to hear. They are forgiving on these mishits and feel really good during the swing. The club feels well balanced to me and if you ever sliced butter with a knife, then you know how these clubs feel on well hit shots. Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points) When I first started testing these irons, short irons were the first ones to get dialed in and to be honest I’m still having issues with the long irons, 4-6 but that isn’t the irons, that’s me. I injured my knee at the beginning of the season and since then I’ve swung the club to try and protect and guard against the pain and not put so much torque on my knee. This has caused a bad over the top path and we all know what happens then. Distance, I had a mixed bag. I figured with the jacked lofts it would mean and increase in all my irons, but it didn’t happen that way. I did see an increase in some and none in others. My trajectory is usually high because of a flaw in my swing and I’ve learned to play to it. I didn’t see any difference in the ball flight compared to the Speedblades. Just nice high long shots that would go a certain distance then drop from the sky like a duck shot during the season. Some will understand that metaphor. At my skill level, working a ball and controlling a ball are accidental not purposeful. But I’d like to say that once I got used to how the ball would react I could depend on the flight and dare say “control” it. Maybe you noticed my post earlier about making a bird from 103 yds with the wedge down at Ole Miss. I’ve had on more than one occasion some very nice shots. Was it the club? Me? Ball? Dumb luck? Who knows? On-Course Performance (25 out of 30 points) This is where it all matters; I’ve mentioned the good and what to me could be bad. Playing with confidence is part of golf and if you have it then you’ll likely play better. After a week or so in my hands I was oozing confidence with these irons and didn’t worry about what would happen.Sometimes with new clubs you’re hesitant on pulling the trigger to use it in a pressure situation. With the Tommy Armour irons, I wasn’t worried. I just pulled the trigger and let it go. With these irons, what pleased me the most is the ease of getting used to them and how smooth they feel when playing from various lies. On the other end of the spectrum is the lack of customization. I mean you get what you order and ordering options are very limited. Here lies the curse of a big box store selling golf equipment. You really can’t have it your way, you have to have it their way for the most part. Final Performance Comments: Overall, how did it perform? These irons performed great for me and I really enjoyed hitting them Did it help improve your scores? By how much? Not really improve, but with new sticks in your hands, it didn’t hurt me either How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of the OEM? It really opened my eyes to Tommy Armour and I could only imagine how clubs built by them really performed during the companies peak. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? Find a way for the consumer to get them ordered with more options, ie grips, shaft options. What features do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? Love it as is, don’t change a thing except to give the golfer some options Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points) Here is where DSG is lacking and needs to improve, but the lack of grip or shaft options really hurt in my opinion. Then again, maybe these irons are marketed for golfers who care about this and stock is good for them. If that’s the case, then one of us doesn’t know the golfing audience like we think we do. Play it or Trade it? (17 out of 20 points) I will play these irons for the time being and will continue my search for a grip I like. Then will re-grip these again (3rd time) and hopefully the last time until the grips are actually worn. Conclusion My conclusion on these irons if you read nothing else is if your a mid capper or high capper and are looking for something new that won’t bankrupt you, then really look hard at these irons. You will be surprised and if able to demo them, please go do so and compare them to your own. Final Score: (81 out of 100)
  16. Stage One – Tommy Armour Atomic Irons by BigtazzGOLF August, 2019 Intro Hello Spies, I’ll be reviewing the Tommy Armour Atomic Irons from DICKS Sporting Goods. Normally in past reviews of products I’d do a product vs what I currently play. I’ll do this review from scratch and do my best not to compare it the irons I currently play. The Personal Stuff My story is similar to a lot of others here. Late getting to the game then once I did I fell in love for it hard. Living in Memphis, I usually get to play year round. I’ve been playing for maybe 20 years and golf has a love hate relationship with me weekly. I’d like to think of myself as an average golfer, maybe a hair above at times. I carry a 13 USGA index and play in a local handicapped league called the GolfNuts. We play all over Memphis and always have a little side money involved in the game. Nothing crazy, but it seems to add spice to our matches. The Golf Questions Handicap? 13 (12.7 last revision for those keeping track) Swing Tempo Freddy Couples? I’d like to think so lol Strengths/Weaknesses of your game? This has been a revolving door for me the last 5-6 months. One weekend, my tee box game is stellar and around the green game is weak. Then the next week, just the opposite. What are your currently gaming? My current irons are the Taylormade Speedblades I really like these and they feel great to me. They are stock off the shelf except for the grips. One day I plan to do a full bag fitting and tweak things to see if I’m able to squeeze out a few more strokes or at least eliminate some excuses Posting some video's of my swing, hopefully they come thru. Slow swing Swing from front Swing from behind First Impressions My first impressions of these irons right out of the box was how they all looked like hybrids. They have a wide sole but from above it really isn’t noticed. The grips are standard Lamkin Crossline 360, which I’ve been in an internal battle in finding grips to replace the Lamkin R.E.L. ACE 3GEN that were discontinued (for some unknown crazy reason). The Crossline 360 feels good, but only come in standard and I play midsize and oversize. I blew them off and replaced them with some Karma grips that I hoped would give me the feel of the Lamkin’s, a few range sessions and it isn’t looking good. Could be just the humidity from going from inside to the Memphis heat, but I’ll dive more into that later. Below is my last session at the range using the Toptracer launch monitor to track my shots. I'm getting more comfortable with the wedges up to the 7 iron. The 4-6 is still touch and go. One thought of why the 4-6 are causing me issues is they are a little longer than my normal irons. I'll put some thought into this when I get back to the range this week and before our league match play event this up coming weekend. I'll continue to update stage 1 as I also work towards stage 2. Hope you guys enjoy the ride and holler if any questions. Tazz
  17. I was happy to get it going and hopefully some Spies found some new golf buddies that lived right around the corner they didn't know about lol. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. BigtazzGolf


  19. @sixcat agree it is a money deal for sure. One reason Memphis moved the event in previous years was because of the heat. Note, we are winning the weather lottery this year. Temps will be in the 80s this week with mild humidity. As a volunteer. This makes me gitty lol.@shankster to the question of which is better. Not easy to answer. It's all about what you like in golf. If you like pristine looking courses it's the PGA. If you like the more rougher look then I think the European tour is for you. I don't mean rougher in a bad way either. And this event is WGC FedEx St Jude Invitational. No affiliation to the Shrines Hospital event in Las Vegas. Both great charities and events. Watch and you might see me on hole 7 at the ShotLink station [emoji16][emoji466]️ Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. The positives far out weigh the negatives. I've met and played with a few dozen guys over the years to tee it up with. Some in big gatherings. These are the funniest and most enjoyable. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Scrolling thru the unread feed and this thread pops up. And like a fat kid in front of a donut shop. I must come in. Great info guys and it's very possible this putter could find its way into my bag real soon. Keep the info coming. I love it and donuts [emoji16][emoji507][emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Wolff -9 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. Can't wait for these to arrive so I can do the review of them. Pretty jacked up about them. Even more after reading your thoughts. Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. Looking forward to what you think of it [emoji16] Tazz Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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