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  1. Looking forward to this I was actually really curious how their connect system works. My buddy started a tech/hardware company called DuoTrac and I mentioned to him that contacting with a grip manufacturers could be a great idea for their sensors. Good luck to everyone!


    Your first name & home state or province - Steve CA

    Your current driver/shaft combo - 2017 M2 with 75g 6.5 Black Hzrdous, 2016 M2 with a 75g xstiff Red AJTech, M2 with a 75g xstiff Aldila

    Your driver swing speed and average distance - 105-120mph & a 285yd carry

    Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names - TheRealMcStevie/SteveMcD/TheRealMcStevie

    Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android) - iPhone


    I am assuming who ever wins the raffle will be asked their grip preferences then? 



    • Thanks for allowing me to apply, I've been in search of the best GPS and/or Shot Tracking device for some time as you can see by all of the products that I have used over the last 3-4 years:
    1. Steve, California

    2. 12.1 index
    3. I have used MotoX ACTV, Golf Buddy Voice, Golf Buddy VS4Swing x Swing and Golf Pad iWatch 1, i Watch 2, and on Pebble Time Round.
    4. Golf Pad, SxS, and not really what you're asking but Zepp and DuoTrac
  2. The bottom line is that the Wilson Staff C200's are nasty. They look, feel, and sound great. Especially if you are use to playing with clubs that use plastics in the club head. My fitting was at the Irvine PGA Superstore with Don who was great. I'm an 18 index currently but I normally hit my 7i (clubs that are only 1-2 years old) about 180. I was averaging 195 with the stock stiff shaft and launched a pull draw about 205. Don swapped me out with heavier shafts and although I lost some yards (still longer than my current clubs) we dropped my dispersion rate drastically. If I didn't already own two sets of clubs purchased within 2 years, I would have walked out with a set.ImageUploadedByMyGolfSpy1458448056.980291.jpg



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