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  1. George in Gilbert Az, Swing speed is 95mph Srixon Zstar, ProV1 and ProV1x I haven't had any experience using a Snell ball, but as you can see I have running battle of balls right now(due to the ball test), so I would love to give these a go
  2. George in Arizona HCP: 10-11 Current Driver: Ping G400Max Fujikura ProSpec 2.0 Swing speed: 95mph G410 R flex
  3. Never been a fan of these, but I must say I'm looking forward to this years ball.
  4. Epic Driver and new SM6 wedges. That's pretty much it
  5. I take lessons from John Kostis at Greyhawk. Great instructor, highly recommended. Even though you are up north I implore you to make a trip down to Southern Dunes in Maricopa. Great course. I would also recommend Dinosaur Mountain in Gold Canyon. It's way out east, but a good course to play in the summer.
  6. Consider the Mizuno JPX 850 Forged. I moved to them from the i20's. I feel like they have i20 forgiveness with a sweet Mizuno forged feel. You can probably find a decent set used.
  7. George- Gilbert, Arizona 10 HCP Titleist 910 9.5 deg, made for Titleist Diamana Ahina Titleist 910f 17 degree made for Titleist Diaman Ahina 97 mph swing speed
  8. I had the 'chili pepper' Orlimar fairway wood and loved it.
  9. ...for the All Infomercial Invitational. There is one rule, all the clubs and balls have to be from an informercial. That is it. If you want to stretch to Fredericks Golf or warm up to Golf by AJ, that's up to you. Here is my bag: Hammer Driver, the one that whistled in the back swing(because I can use all the help I can get) Orlimar Tri metal The Perfect Club Liquid metal irons Alien Wedge the xE1 wedge Plus that 70 degree wedge, because again I can use all the help I can get. Hammer Zero Axis Putter Sensi Grips(optional) KickX ball Now it's your turn....
  10. Formally gotj1

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