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  1. Oh my gosh, what a great opportunity! Good luck everyone! John Waldo, Topeka, Ks Around 100 rounds per year 2 Facebook (business and personal), 2 Twitter and one Instagram 7.4 hc 105-107 ss Current set - original cobra one length irons, cobra f8 driver, tm wedges, Scotty Cameron putter
  2. Tuned recovery please. Thanks for the cool opportunity!
  3. John, KS TM Tour Preferred 54/58 Strength: chipping, flops Weakness: full shots between 40-75 yards and bunker shots HC: 7
  4. Such an awesome opportunity. Thanks to MGS and Ping! John, KS HC 7 SS 105 Callaway XR 16 G400 LST Xstiff
  5. Bubba Watson Pat Reed Si Woo Kim Russell Henley Kevin Na Winner: -14 Low Am: +6
  6. Wow, what an opportunity! 1. John - Kansas 2. Callaway XR-16 Driver (X-stiff Fujikura), Cobra F6 3 wood (stock stiff), Cobra Amp 22 degree hybrid, Cobra one length irons (stock stiff) GW-4iron, TM ATV 56 and 60 wedges (KBS 90), Cameron Newport putter 3. 7 HC 4. Get back to 5 HC and improve short game Thanks for the opportunity to MGS and Cobra!
  7. I'm afraid out is still a pipe dream as I never win anything lol, but here goes! John - Topeka, Is 7 Anything they tell me! Been a Cleveland fan all my life...just got rid of my VAS irons and woods finally last year. Played the launcher and the classic drivers forever. Still rock a Cleveland 1.5 putter as well. Thanks for the opportunity!
  8. John - 53 Topeka, Is Two way miss with driver. It's maddening to not know where the driver is going because you cannot get comfortable and the whole round is a battle. As an aside...I don't fly but would be willing to drive to Phoenix on my own dime in a heartbeat for this. Best Christmas ever!
  9. John. KS Callaway XR16 Matrix Ozik car off SS 98 distance 235 Johnny Lokke Android Can't wait for this! Hoping to get a new Cobra driver to go with my cobra irons and 5 wood next year...maybe it will come early! Thanks!
  10. John KS Alternate between SC Newport and cheapy LaJolla something or other Not custom fit Studio stock 8 Thanks for the awesome opportunity!
  11. Topeka, KS Cameron Newport Distance control Thanks!
  12. Great reviews! Really enjoying them. Really want to start tracking but can't yet decide which device will work best for me. Thanks for your efforts!
  13. Wow, great opportunity. John Ks 7.1 Cobra F7 Strength: short irons Weakness: 4 and 5 irons Thanks!
  14. Very awesome! Have never used one with slope before so that would be neat to test that one. John Kansas 8 Laser
  15. Wow, what a great opportunity! Hc 8 Topeka, KS Ss mid-90s Carry 225-230 F7 Driving is the most frustrating part of my game so this would be awesome going into tournament season! Thanks for all you do!
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