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  1. Great opportunity, good luck everyone! And hopefully the ones applying are the ones who will actually use those clubs and get some results! Wish they had more players style irons for the contest, can't play with shovels.
  2. I switched to a 2015 Nike Vapor Flex with a Diamana blue 60s+ shaft gained about 30 yards of carry with that combination. Its a smaller head but it works really well. I think one of the biggest things is the shaft has to be optimal for you and the head in the correct settings for your swing speed and tempo.
  3. When I first started about 3 years ago I used all recycled balls. As my dispersion got better I went to new balls. Now I only buy new balls, but only when they are one sale. I found a bunch of RBZ Urethane $20CAD a dozen unreal find. I'll never run out of those now. lol
  4. I always walk unless its a ridiculously long and hilly course. Better feel of what your doing.
  5. Just added this to the bag, will replace the hybrid on windy or colder days!
  6. Nice bag especially the new wedges
  7. Welcome! #Golfislife should be the new hashtag.
  8. Welcome! Golf is too good of a sport to not play for life.
  9. Welcome fellow Canadian! Toronto, ON!
  10. The weight will play a role for sure. At the end of the day it all depends on how you load your club based on your tempo and so forth. If you are finding you are hitting well with steel shafts and not losing distance and have just as good if not better control with the consistency you are finding then switch over. I would suggest trying it on different days because every day feels different too. But yes get fitted for the right shaft so you are getting the trajectory and spin numbers you want too. Good luck!
  11. Hope he really takes his time to rehab properly and get his mental game in order. If he does that I think he has a shot at a few more wins.
  12. Nike Vapor Flex from 2015 is a great driver if you can still find one. Gets your ball speed up and lower spin numbers. Fully adjustable for high or low flights, various lofts as well. I went from a FLY-Z+ carrying the ball about 230-235 to now Carrying about 260-270yards I suspect the shaft that came with the flex played a big role too as it was a much nicer shaft too that suited my way of loading the club. But the Nike Flex I believe is a smaller head too so your striking ability has to be relatively good to get the distance out of it. Hope this helps a bit.
  13. I go by a combination of looks feel and performance with some relativity to price too. For example, a new M1 driver or Epic driver was squeezing a few more yards than the Nike Vapor Flex the Nike was $170 and the M1/Epic is over $600 (canadian) Also, the Nike feel and dispersion was better so I went with that. same thing for the 3W and hybrid. The irons however are very looks and feel orientated, which is why I went with Cobra King MB/CB black colour, love a thin topline, and the buttery feel. Don't really care for forgiveness as much as consistent dispersion front to back and ability to flight high or low if I want. But because I love the performance, feel and looks I didn't mind spending the money for these. Wedges I keep a mid bounce50,54 with a high bounce 58 wedge. I have great chipping ability and pretty creative so the bounce is for the bunker shots makes it easier to hit out of any sand. Putter is strictly whatever lets me putt the ball on the intended line.
  14. Lessons with a GOOD coach. who knows what they are doing. Then practice and once you have a consistent swing then get fitted properly with shafts that suit you. I don't believe getting fitted will benefit everyone. Only when you have a consistent swing should you be fitted. Otherwise you are getting fitted to an inconsistent swing.
  15. I say test out the clubs new JPX 900 forged are nice, and i would check out the cobra king CB's small head but unreal feel. MP25 is good too, lots of options I agree go hit and see whats best for you.
  16. Thanks much appreciated! They just feel amazing when you strike them too! I would recommend to anyone who is a decent ball striker and wants to get better! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Thanks! Appreciate that! Really Rainy here so hopefully by Sunday I'll be out there cutting making some bacon strips on the course!
  18. Welcome! And you can definitely use whatever you want off the tee. Best advice to get some proper coaching to learn a swing that works best for you! Good luck!
  19. lol I get to play today! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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