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  1. Thanks!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. That's what I was going for! no glare in the sun for me[emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Unreal feel too!! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Thanks!! So hyped for the season! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Awesome man, you will be so happy with these :)
  6. Dude... You will be so happy hitting these on the grass. People will be looking at you like why you smiling so much its starting to get creepy.. hahaha! Are you getting Full MB or combo set? Lefty had no Full MB option
  7. They are holding up very well! you can kind of see in the bottom right photo with part of the face showing. Not much wear, but i've only had them for about 1/3 of a season, BUT i did play in vegas on some desert courses and I have hit them out of bunkers before. They still look really great! Also, been hitting them at the range and seems like the wear is minimal. I usually play once a week and once on the range typically during the season.
  8. Hi Everyone, I don't post too much, but I really love the irons and the whole setup of my bag to the point where I believe everything is very dialed in! Been playing for 2 full seasons this will be season 3 and very excited to get out on the links!! A little more Detailed WITB than my signature: Driver: Nike Vapor Flex, weight forward, Diamana S+ 60 shaft in stiff, loft is 9.5 or 10.5 still see which flight is best once I can actually hit outside (Canadian winters), Draw bias 3W: Callaway Big Bertha 2014, Fubuki Z65 Stiff shaft, 15 degrees draw bias. 3Hybrid: Callaway X2 H
  9. Started at 24 about 2 years ago! Gonna play forever!! Good luck and welcome!
  10. Welcome! Canadian here too!
  11. Would love to try the new F7+ gamed the Fly Z+ was a little disappointed, hope this one does much better! 12 HCP Ontario, Canada 95-100MPH Average Carry 250 Yards F7+ thanks for the opportunity!
  12. Alfred Tu Ontario, Canada Currently use Bushnell Tour V3 Off season in Canada right now until April 2017. Wish I could test but won't be able to play, good luck everyone!
  13. I doubt there is any lefty ones to test. These putters look sweet though. Good luck everyone!
  14. 40-50 rounds per year 12 HCP Nike Method (lefty)
  15. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) - I wouldn't say it was strictly just my golf spy reviews but they did play a portion of my decision. King Cobra LTD Pro Irons MB/CB 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? - Always get more than one review/opinion and always try stuff for yourself 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) - I don't think it was all the equipment, but i'm sure it played a role. 4. How
  16. Been Using Callaway X2 Hot 3 Hybrid! Best Hybrid I have ever tried and used.
  17. Alfred Tu, Ontario, Canada, 16 Hcp, Lefty Driver Z565 10.5 Graphite Stiff Fairway Z F65 17* Graphite Stiff Hybrid H F65 19* Graphite Stiff 4-PW Z765 Steel Stiff Wedges RTX 3 Black Satin 50* and 54* MG and 58* LG Steel Stiff Huntington Beach #1 34" Great opportunity! Thanks for the chance and really hope to get fitted and really glad they brought out lefty clubs this year! Thanks MGS and Srixon/Cleveland!!
  18. Piper's Heath in Milton solid course! Also Crosswinds in Burlington Brampton has a great and VERY Challenging short course called Turnberry Hole 1 and 18 are Par 4's the rest are Par 3's Great shape, fast greens. Bring a lot of golf balls if your iron game is off.
  19. Alfred Tu, Ontario Canada 15 Hcp Free Phone GPS apps This would be awesome to have, looks like it tells front and back yardages too
  20. Hi Everyone, Just joined the community not too long ago! This will be my second season in golf and its really fun! Love the game and its something you can play forever basically! Hope to learn lots in this community! Thanks! Alfred
  21. 1. Alfred Tu, Ontario, Canada 2. I do both depending on the deal! Would love a real cart bag though. 3. Nike Air Sport
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