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    My family, golf and chicken and duck breeding.
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  2. Jay Norfolk, United Kingdom Nike vapor pro 8.5 speeder 757 X stiff tipped. 118 mph swing speed, 285 carry
  3. Hi They have lots of events throughout the year all over the uk and it's an order of merit system so top 9 I think get spots in the team then 3 captain picks. There's 100s of players. I'm going to be working hard this year on my short game. Mainly pitching and putting from inside 8 feet as I feel it's my weakest part. I have fibromyalgia which basically means I'm in constant pain throughout my body. M.E which is a fatigue. I get exhausted very quickly. Also I have arthritis in a few joints which makes me feel like a rusted tin man. Mix all 3 and it's a bit of a nightmare. I have to use a ride on buggy as I cannot walk very far. Golf is my way of getting out and relaxing. I love it. I'm hopefully getting stronger medication soon which will with luck make things less painful and more bearable for me in everyday life. Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it Jay
  4. Thank you. It's much appreciated. Hopefully will progress this year but all comes down to my health. Frustrating as it is but I won't give up. Can't wait for my season to start in a few weeks.
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    My name is Jay. I'm a disabled golfer from the uk and currently play off 4. I represent my county/state 2nd team and I am hoping to make the disabled England team in the next couple of years.
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