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    Minnetonka, MN
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    Is there anything but golf in this world? My interests lay in charity work specifically for Folds of Honor/Patriot Golf Day which affords educational help and scholarships to the children and spouses of our
    Fallen Heroes and Disabled Veterans. I am also a committee member/volunteer for The Salute to Servicewomen Golf Classic. We support the women who have proudly served our country in their time of need and any in crisis from housing to help with employment and stability care.
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  1. Hey John, Guess what I have? Yep, THE Cray McGregor Tg20 Titanium original 1992 10.5 loft 1 golf club!
  2. Betty Rene Norton here. I absolutely need a range finder while I golf (no, I can't look at yardages in relationship to a football field-I don't play football). I live in Minnetonka, Minnesota My HC is 14.1
  3. During the golf season my clubs never leave my car unless I carpool with someone. Off season they are stored in my closet. I've never had a problem living in Minnesota or Michigan. Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. No, I don't look at the hole for at least 2 seconds after I have hit the ball. If I do my putting is worse than it already is! Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Is there a woman in your life who doesn't like to or won't play golf with you? This may be the reason. (BTW, I have never seen these traits in any woman I play golf with). #1. When we are on the course, don't give me a golf lesson if I haven't asked for one. Nothing you tell me will ‘fix' anything. These men cannot seem to understand their statements are not helpful and they will continue with their “lesson” round after round. Many have seen the worst in me as I finally lose patience with their unwanted suggestions. #2. If I have hit the ball incorrectly, don't tell me what I did wrong. I will know something will be amiss through my approach, during my swing, at impact, or during my follow-through. I know if it is hit thin, fat, sliced, pulled, or flat-out duffed. You don't criticize and tell your male partners what they have done wrong on every bad shot, yet with a woman golfer, you have to tell her everything she does wrong as if she doesn't already know. #3. Don't tell me how to drive the cart. Chances are I drive better than you. #4. Don't treat me like I'm an inferior golfer, that I don't have any understanding of the game, the logistics, or general knowledge of the game. #5. Don't patronize me! You may not have even realized that you fit into the category of male golfers which women golfers hate to play golf with. Now that these traits have been exposed, think of what you tell your wife, girlfriend, sister, any woman while she is golfing. Can you in retrospect see how your “helpful” comments are not only a detriment to a fun game but hurtful? Remember that if you are golfing with a woman, show the same respect to her as you would a male golfer. Keep your critiques, criticism, and golf lessons to yourself, and if you must discuss this, wait until the 19th hole.
  6. OK, I've been holding back. What truly holds us back from and stands in the way of our best round ever are TaTa's. Yes, they get in the way. Nothing to do about that, except swing a little different from men and how does that difference in a swing effect the approach to a ball and furthermore, the flight of the ball?
  7. What came to mind first was inattentive and slow bev cart girls. lol Seriously, my best round (so far) can be attributed to knowing the course. Since I have moved and I now play numerous courses without a home course, my scores have suffered. Secondly, I know ill-fitted clubs have prevented me from achieving a lower handicap. And third, the wind will destroy any hope of scoring my best round ever.
  8. - Your first name & home state Rene Minnesota - Your current putter Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (Left Hand) AND Olimar Loop 100 ' (Right Hand) - Which MLA Tour Series or Pro Series Putter you'd like to test: Either, or both Tour or Pro and right handed or left handed putters. - Your common miss: Miss Left putting left handed, Miss Right putting right handed (on level putting surfaces).
  9. I was trying to retreat Sent from my SM-G900V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. First name Betty Rene Home state Minnesota Current handicap 15 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex TaylorMade Burner regular flex 3 & 4 irons Calaway regular flex 4 hybrid I have been golfing for 10 years. I have had 4 sets of irons, none of which I have been all that happy with. For the most part I have purchased a set because of it's price, I was told another set would be better, or they were given to me. The only club I am totally satisfied with is my Ping Rhapsody which was fit for me last December with a regular flex G30 shaft with over sized grips. My bag is a hodgepodge of every brand of clubs that there is! The best part of my game is my drive and shots with my hybrids and the worst is with my irons with an emphasis on the long irons. The Ping Crossover sounds like possibly the perfect choice for me. I would love to help test them out.
  11. Congratulations Judge Smails, RevKev, and Mark Her! Until I BUY my C200's, I won't stand a chance winning a round against you! lol Are you headed out to a course right now to try them out? Have fun and I will watch you battle out for the winner at the next TCG tournament!
  12. I can't believe how much information is on this site! It is wonderful. I did run into a problem with Authorize Mygolfspy Tweet to use your account? Mygolfspy Tweet www.mygolfspy.com Tweet from Mygolfspy I tried many times to ""spread the Word" on Twitter but the authorization would not go through. Is there a secret to getting the app authorized?
  13. Hi Kenny! I was born in Astoria and lived in Hammond/Warrenton, Oregon, moved to Longview, Washington in my teen years, joined the Army, after my medical discharge from the Army, I moved to Ellensburg, WA where I attended Central Washington University and years later somehow found myself in the UP of Michigan and now in Minneapolis. Crazy, huh?
  14. OMG Last night I had the opportunity to test my TaylorMade Burner 7 iron up against the Wilson Staff C200. I made three beautiful shots with my iron and then made three phenomenal shots with the Wilson' 7 iron. What a difference! I'm not going to get technical but just say it like it happened. I immediately noticed the light touch as the club effortlessly hit the ball and the ball flew in a loft I hadn't ever seen before straight down the middle. THEN, I looked at the monitor and I had added 15+ yards. I NEED THESE CLUBS! I can't live without them. They MUST be in my bag! #MyGolfSpyC200 #C200 #GenFLX #HacktoJack #TwinCitiesGolf.com
  15. I'm new to this site. I think this will be fun getting to know golfers from around the country. I am from Oregon, but living in Minnesota.
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