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  1. First Name/City State: Don, Sacramento CA Current Handicap: 7.1 Current Iron Model Played: Current Iron model Wilson Staff Tour F5, Previous Models Staff C100 and Taylormade P770 I would love to give these a try and give you my feedback on how they compare to other irons I have tested and other Wilson Staff models I have played over the years.
  2. Don, California 7.4- 115 MPH driver Talyormade TP5X/Z star yellow I have played the q-star and Z starXV as my main two balls for all of last year. I get great performance out of both and love how straight they are compared to other models I try. I use arccos and get pretty accurate data on my game and real yardages for each club.
  3. Don, California, 20-30 Rounds a year HC-7.4, Speed unknown Current set: F7+ driver, M1 3 wood, p750 irons, Wilson Staff Wedges F9 stiff, 3 w, I would be open to using single length I already have the sensors installed on my current set.
  4. California Handicap14 Ave Carry 240 yards Either model is fine thanks
  5. Swing speed mid 90's, 265-275 yard ave. driver distance Average score 82 (haven't carried a handicap in 2 years) Play twice a week since it is always golf weather in California I have played the duo as my main ball for three years. I mix in the Vice Pro about every third round ( I love the feel and Yellow color) Would love to see how this ball marries the two together. Thanks
  6. Had the chance to Demo these clubs 3 times now. I am lucky enough to have a great super shop in Sacramento that carries the entire line of Staff clubs. I have been a fan of Wilson Staff for years now. Started with the 50 golf ball, then the Duo, FG wedges and so on. I demo'd the C100's last year at a small demo day event near my house. They were beside TM, CWY and Nike and I hit them all. I was looking at the M3 irons when they handed me the C100's. The club felt perfect in weight, balance and impact. All that was right off the shelf. They built me 3 or 4 different co
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